Sunday, October 30, 2005

Christina Rossetti (Sonette 14)

E la Sua Volondate e' nostra pace (Dante)
Sol con questi pensier, con altre chiome (Petrarca)

Youth gone, and beauty gone if ever there
Dwelt beauty in so poor a face as this;
Youth gone and beauty, what remains of bliss?
I will not bind fresh roses in my hair.
To shame a cheek at best but little fair,-
Leave youth his roses, who can bear a thorn,-
I will not seek for blossoms anywhere,
Except such common flowers as blow with corn.
Youth gone and beauty gone, what doth remain?
The longing of a heart pent up forlorn
A silent heart whose silence love and longs;
The silence of a heart which sang its songs
While youth and beauty made a summer morn,
Silence of love that cannont sing again

Saturday, October 29, 2005

a FEW fav's of mine

*iris- goo goo dolls *changes- tupac *changes- 3 doors down *beautiful addiction- audiovent *i dont want to miss a thing -aerosmith *killing me softly- fugee's *prayer 94'- bon jovi *what if i do- foo fighters *otherside- red hot chili peppers *bailamos-enrique iglesias *phenomenom-ll cool j *crooked letter-case *one minute man-missy elliot *superwoman- lil' mo feat fabolous *hey ma-camroon *hey sexy lady-shaggy *brick-ben folds *bigger then my body- john mayer *we dont play guitar- chicks on speed *the scientist-coldplay *hello-cat empire *be my baby- marriah carey *beautiful people- marilyn manson *never again- ja rule *love is only a feeling-the darkness *the right stuff-new kids on the block *poisin-alice cooper *down under-men at work *tiny dancer-elton john *its not unusual-tom jones *one call away-chingy *big gilrs dont cry- frankie valli & the four seasons *hand in my pocket-alanis morissette *canned heat-jamiroquai *stuck in the middle with you-stealers wheel *you aint seen nothing yet- bachman tuner iverdrive *american pie- don mclean *brown eyed girl- van morrison *bad to the bone- george thorogood *who's your daddy-gerling *hardest button to button-white stripes *peaches and cream-112 *perfect gentlemen- wyclef jean *that's all-michael buble'

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Yesterday Lisa took me to see The 40 Year Old Virgin because she claimed that
it was the funniest movie that she has seen in a long time, and she was right! It was hilarious, we laughed and laughed some more. A quick word about the film and that goes on, Andy has no idea when it comes to the ladies and that is why he is the 40 y.o. virgin, so his work buddies help him out and try to get him laid. The movie is for everyone, perhaps not for the kiddies, but I am talking about the ladies as well as the gents, full of characters that will make you laugh until you cry! It is a little predictable but the fun had along the way makes it worth it, one of the best movies that I have seen all year!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Its the thought that counts

Okay so we were allowed to take home our English exam question booklet and one of the articles that he had to analyze made a point to me about something. I will write what is says and then explain what I mean

Picture this: it's valentine's day and your pattern has just emailed through an e-card complete with dancing sheep and the words "I luv ew", how sweet, you think. Just as you're about to show it off to a colleague, you notice her opening a thick, red envelope that sprinkles fragrant rose petals as she releases a handwritten letter. It's a note from her boyfriend and by the time she puts it down, she's blushing pink, leaving your e-card somewhat pale by comparison.

I would like to point out that people communicate in different ways and some people find an e-card a sweet gesture (I for one like the pen and paper more so but I am happy either way) its the thought that counts. If I received an email, that was not a forward and was written for me, from someone I liked it would make me smile like crazy! I am a big believer that is the little things that count. People say that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, the way to mine is by small sentimental gestures even a text!

English exam is over

Ladies and gents one down, five more to go. Finally I never have to watch Gattaca again, or think about quotes from The Quiet American. Don't even get me started on A Lesson Before Dying! I think I did okay considering I liked the topic we had for analysis and that both of the questions for part one and two were, for me, easy to write a whole lot on and have quotes everywhere. Most people were okay after the exam, except for two silly people that I know and love who didn't read the question properly and analyzed both articles! You silly children, I'm sure you did well anyway.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Opportunity comes to those who seek it...question is what are you seeking?

Ladies and gents I was told that this topic would make for a good blog post, so being in the mood to try and find out the true meaning behind this certain topic I am giving it my attempt to give it some meaning or uncover some truth. Hopefully the person who suggested it will leave me an anonymous comment and tell me if I had any clue about what I am about to write.

Opportunity comes to those who seek it...question is what are you seeking?

Most of us seek the opportunity to fulfill our basic needs in life, to be happy and healthy and be successful in whatever we choose to pursue and when those opportunities present themselves we take them in hopes to fulfill these elements in life. Yet in everyday life we are presented with so many different opportunities and yes it does depend on what you seek, for me I seek an enter score to get into my desired course at uni my opportunity is now, a week off of school to study until I can study no more so I may achieve my desired results.
Perhaps opportunity presents itself for those people who seek something that is obtainable, true opportunity, not like playing a pokie machine in order to seek money but something along the lines of seeking a way to help those who are in need and then having the opportunity to be a blood donor, or do the forty hour famine.
Opportunities should not be taken for granted, especially those that come along once in a blue moon, ones like being able to go to Parliament house and speak and even have a adjournment debate recorded whilst being a member of the YMCA. Or meeting someone who has a genuine disposition and cares what you have to say and takes an interest in what has been said and then being able to keep in contact with them.
If we seek things that are obtainable, then surely opportunity may only need to come along once so we can have the things that we seek the first time around. Having said this we should take the time to sit down and think about what it is we truly seek so we may have the opportunity to fulfill it, obtainable goals and dreams we wish to fulfill.

Govt unable to stop smuggler's execution

Time is running out for Nguyen Tuong Van, 25, who was sentenced to death for smuggling heroin and will be hanged within a month after the Singapore government rejected his plea for clemency. Nguyen was sentenced to death by a Singapore court in March last year after being found guilty to smuggling almost 400 grams of heroin from Cambodia via Singapore. Nguyen has said he was acting as a drug mule in a bid to pay off debts incurred by his twin brother. "My family is very close. He is my heart. If something happens to my son, my heart will be stopped." (mother)

Oh please give me a break! If you got that much heroin surely you can sell it over here right? Go to a club find people who want a buzz and sell it for double what it is worth before they really felt like getting trashed. I mean what is a flight to Singapore going to knock you back a grand or two? Where did they get the extra money from to fly him over there? The mother musn't be that close to her family or she would have known that her son was in trouble. Correct me if I'm wrong but what kind of people find 400 grams of heroin to sell over-seas and then cannot get themselves out of debt? Heroin cant be that cheap you know....And if they were making it then couldn't they have just produced enough to pay off the debts?

Then the mother has the decency to plea to the Australian government help her son, so he can be given a lighter sentence! It's like by asking for the support from the government, Australians must only have a slap on the wrist policy when it comes to drugs. I'm sorry isn't trafficking and being in possession of un-prescribed drugs illegal here also? But we don't kill people, perhaps we should give harsher sanctions for anyone in possession or trafficking drugs then people will perhaps abide by the law. Don't people read the laws or at least understand what penalty they will face if they are found doing such stupid things? I say let them hang him, Singapore has every right to, he broke the law and should be punished and made an example of. You think this is harsh, couldn't he have done something else to get that money? What kind of a person has access to that much drugs anyway? And is a "good boy" as his mother claims he is.

"There is absolutely no reason why this decision can't be changed." said Mr Lasry, a man from the defendants legal team. Yes there is, why should Australians back people who go about things the wrong way. For once the Government has done something right and is not persisting on helping this man any further.

Mr Lasry predicted Singapore's decision would affect its relationship with Australia, given that extensive diplomatic efforts had been ignored. It should not be affected if Australia's thought about it logically, if anyone smuggled drugs into the country they would be given a trial (like the rest of the world, like the defendant) and justice would be served by a jury, equality and an opportunity to be judged by ones peers. That is more then fair. So I say, to bad, so sad watch your debts next time before you let you mother be left with one of two twins she origionally had. (full article)

Saturday, October 22, 2005


There it is ladies and gents the word that anyone studying at any level fears. Exams stress people out, make them drink enough coffee to paralyze an elephant, stay up for like forty hour periods studying and sometimes drive people to suicide! Its crazy tell me why there is such pressure put on exams? For all other year twelve students such as myself doing VCE we really feel it. It's like "Your competing against every other VCE student in the state you need to do better then them to get into a respectable course if not you will go to tafe...But no pressure." truly that's how the storey goes......An enter score doesn't even count for anything its just another way to kill students off before we get to uni. An enter doesn't count on your resume, and nor does what school you obtained your degree from as long as you got it. So all those people working their asses off to get into schools that are supposed to be known for having super smart people in them (or people with rich parental) take that and stick it in the ear!

Friday, October 21, 2005

A hundred Simpson's questions!

for anyone who knows me you will know I am a huge Simpson's fan I googled for Simpson's quizzes and I found one that ask you one hundred questions some are pretty tough. If you think Im lying click the link and check it out. I will tell you my score once I am done. My score was: 88/100- everyone must try it I am a huge Simpson's fan and would love to know what everyone else scores.

Saddam's fate

The world holds its breath while the trial of the former Iraqi dictator (Saddam Hussein) begins. he has been accused of commiting the following crimes;
  • gassing of 5,000 people in the Kurdish village of Halabja in March 1988;
  • the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, during which around a million people died;
  • the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, and the violent suppression of a Shiite uprising the following year

and many others, there is hope amongst the people of Iraq after the evil dictator was captured whilst found hidding in his home-town of Tikrit in December 2003. Thousands of Iraqi's believe that Saddam should face the death penalty for all that he made people suffer under his regime "In Dujail, villagers including women clutching pictures of slain relatives, waved banners urging "death for Saddam Hussein"." but will the world see justice and this man put to death, or should his lawyers be clever enough to get an extention so as this man may walk free despite all the pain and suffering he has caused?

(quotes and photo come from the website link below)

Jay's blog

Well people my friend jess (aka jay) has made a blog, so far there is one post on it but she is a very creative person who also likes to speak her mind and not be interrupted. Well here is the link (I really got to learn how to do it properly) so check it out

Yetti song

For those of you who don't know what the yetti song is, fear not because hear are the lyrics, it goes along to the tune of Noddy (the cartoon show)

Yetti (yetti) the little girl with the blond and fluffy hair,
Yetti (yetti) seems that she's the happiest yetti in all pascoe vale girls.
There's the skanks, the whores and Mr. G and all his special friends!
Now its time for Yetti to wave and say goodbye,
She's tired and sleepy from holding her head,
She's ready to curl herself up in bed
And see what tomorrow brings for Yetti, Yetti, Yetti, Yetti Yetti....


Well ladies and gents today is the birthday of two of my very good friends so I am just HAPPY BIRTHDAY to them both. If you are reading this guys have a awesome birthday hope you get lots of presents and may all your dreams and wishes come true...Oh oh oh and don't party to hard without me.

also today is the strathmore formal so hope that they have fun, yes Kara you will look stunning, you god damn better! Make me run around like a headless chicken trying to find a dress! And then she even forgot that I was the one who helped her find it (crazy child) anyway hope you have fun don't get drunk and do anything I wouldn't do....Or would for that matter

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Relationships aren't always easy

Relationships, despite what kind they are aren't always easy. At some point there is hurt, pain, anguish, confusion and general discomfort the 'perfect' relationship does not exist without these elements coming into play once in a while. Our complex human emotions is what separates us from the animals......But perhaps the animals had the right idea, when animals come together they stick together there is not hate for other species because they have the balanced hierarchy of nature. Some animals mate for life without any promiscuity, how nice would that be? There is love, there is the sharing of the parental role, perhaps instead of seeing animals and believing that we a superior we can take a lesson from them and discover what it truly means to go back to our roots. Perhaps our complex ways are too complex....Perhaps the added emotions we feel are simply not required but acquired through the evolution of the human race. Human relationships are never going to be without flaw, pain or suffering but perhaps we should take some time out and tone down the complexity and be one with the animals.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Graduation day.....TODAY!

Well ladies and gents its finally over today I graduated no more school no more early morning no more teachers! But then I have exams! Ah well its a small price to pay for the relief of not having to deal with people at school that I dislike. I told myself I wouldn't cry today but I did, I cried when our coordinators made their speeches, I cried when the deputy school captain made her speech and I cried the most when the school captain and my one of my dear friends made her speech. It wasn't like the typical speeches we have all heard a million times it was beautiful and inspirational as it was supposed to be. I am happy to be leaving school but then again there are a lot of things that I am going to miss, the warm familiar faces, the comfort of looking like a bum and still have people love me for it. But now I come to a new chapter of my life.....And I cant wait till it begins. For now I am going to leave and get sloshed with a few of good friends.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

mmm.....Kara's blog

Hey ladies and gents I am not sure exactly how to put links on my blog yet (but I will try to learn how) but in the meantime I think everybody should have access to a blog that I enjoy. The blog with all it's glorious and funny posts is that of one of my best friends Kara. So check it out ladies and gents

Distasteful TV

Where did all the good television shows go? If I have to look at another but crack on "Big Brother" if I must resource to watch another crime investigation show like "Numbers" or see bad talent in the early stages of "Australian Idol" I am going to scream! Who the hell writes that crap and who are the stupid people that air it? Sure its all fun and games something new and something fresh the first time a show of a particular genre is introduced but I for one can only stand it happening once! What happened to good TV? Shows that people could watch and be entertained at, unlike watching channel ten and finding a show called "Australian Princess" about a bunch of deluded girls who believe they can become an actual princess? I mean come on people get a clue, even if you do go through to have the all yes that you are princess worthy I am sure that prince has had royalty that would not even compare to these unfortunate ladies me back TV shows worth sitting down for, like "Everybody loves Raymond" and the old episodes of "neighbor's" "Providence". No more of this pitiful excuse for dribble that people are allowing to be hosted on the air! Come on good writers give the public something original and fresh, even I could write the storey behind a bad soapy or another crime investigation show. The television was invented to entertain people and majority of the population are bored of this nothing short of distasteful TV.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Gambling destroys lives too

It is not only drugs and drinking that destroys lives...It is also gambling. I am not talking about the going up to the local RSL now and again, or making a bet on the horses after work with some colleges, even buying Tatt's tickets every week in the hope to win the jackpot. I am talking about sitting infront of pokie machines day in and day out literally gambling a week or two works worth of pay. People are not seeing this a problem in society when it truly is and more and more people are becoming victims to the bright lights and the hope of winning big on the pokies. Many people loose everything they have, money, jobs even family and friends yet nothing is being done to help the situation. So what if there was clocks put on every screen, the clocks are placed at the bottom and you do not even notice them unless you look for them. I personally know someone who became a victim to gambling, they lost everything that they had, and the downfall of this person was horrible to watch but because at the time there was no help, no where this person could turn to so they could seek help.

Finally it's almost over!

Ladies and gents my high-school days are finally coming to an end and I couldn't be more excited! I welcome the challenge and the change I want to be outside my 'comfort zone' and put into a situation where I am challenged to mature and change. Finally I don't have to bother with people that I having been putting up with for the last six years, I will meet new people and for those I don't like or get along with they are easily avoided. There is a wonderful world out there waiting to be explored and I cant wait to escape the tiny space of high-school and experience it. There are technically three days left of schooling for myself and then exams. It is some of the best news that I have heard all year around. Sure I will miss certain people and the comfort of knowing that I know most of the people in my year level, I'm not going to deny that but new faces are always refreshing and the people that I will miss I will make an effort to stay in touch with. Finally it's almost over......And I cant wait for the new beginning.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Ladies and gents, for those of you who do not know what Summadayze is I will give you the brief description, its one big dance party! Its on New Years day, starts at 8am till 11pm and its at Sidney Myer Music Bowl (for anyone who is in the area of Melbourne) and yeah. This will be my first time (seeing as you need to be 18 to attend, see I told you being 18 had its perks) and I cant wait! The line up for an event like this looks like this:
  • Fat Boy Slim
  • Roger Sanchez
  • Tall Paul
  • Bodyrockers (DJ set)
  • Bob Sinclar
  • Tiefschwarz
  • Eddie Halliwell
  • Wally Lopez
  • Spektrum (live)
  • The Glimmers
  • Evil Nine
  • Soul of a man

And apparently much more of the Melbourne talent, I am looking forward to this event because it will be very different to anything that I have been used to. I try to be accepting of all genres of music but its not always easy and recently I have been slowly introduced to this genre and I have LOVED it. Well like the BDO I will notify and let you all know how is goes

The Big Day Out

I am very much looking forward to BDO this year, I cant wait to see the White Stripes! It promises to be an interesting line up, but there is one thing, its not going to be at the show grounds this year (due to the face-lift the show ground is having) which is a bummer. When I first heard about the show ground I thought to myself "where is going to be a large enough venue to hold such an event?" then they found a venue so that was a relief, I mean who would be stupid enough not to hold BDO, think of the money people. Anyway, then a thought crossed my mind, if they knew that they wanted to give the good old show grounds a face lift, why did they not start directly after the 2005 BDO surely it would have been finished in time for the next and what about the show? I was given some slightly negative feedback from this years one. It does not take a genius to work out the the BDO is one of the biggest music events of the year....So why leave it to the middle of the year to get work done and have the event moved to Princess park? Meanwhile hopefully it is glorious, I shall post more about it later

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So sad....

Today I had my Italian practice exam and one of the tasks we had to do was pick a scenario and write about it. I happened to pick the first one which went something along the lines of; It is the third millennium, write a dairy entry about your growing concerns about the youth of today. I was excited because I knew it was something I could write on and all I had to do was translate it. It was so sad, the amount of problems there are with the youth of today, people of my age and even younger are facing. The other day when I was out I saw two twelve year old boys smoking and swearing and acting as if they were my age.....I saw girls younger then my sister act like they were women in their 30's who were in desperate need of sex....And it scared the hell out of me. Society has fallen so far so fast and I don't understand why....Don't people have respect anymore? Have the morals of our society so suddenly changed that it has now become okay for boys younger then fifteen to buy condoms so as they don't get their even younger girl-friends pregnant? I know that kids can be a handful especially when we are old enough and want some independence, but parents and guardians must also learn to be firm and be tough but allow enough freedom......After all kids don't start high-school till they are 12 to 13 years old. If we do not see a change in the way in which our ever growing society is down-falling then what are we to expect from the future?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The "EX"

Hey people, today I want to talk to you about the ex, you know the one that you cant seem to get rid of and is always in your life and on your mind, even though you are in a fantastic relationship, you still feel this weird connection with your ex. That's what kind of ex I am talking.....For those of you don't have this be thankful! It can ruin a relationship, your with this magnificent person and all you can think about is the ex. You do things to get closure...Then hours later you realize that nothing has changed. What makes it infuriating is that you still want each other after time spent apart, both parties are in relationships but there is that something lingering and lying about. How can one person still cause those feelings and sensations that you knew were dead and long gone? Someone please tell me why the ex has the worst timing in the world....And how the hell to stay away so the ex doesn't become the ex twice over.