Friday, September 30, 2005

What do you do?

When someone very dear and close to you begins to start seeing someone who is so foul, disgusting and plain out stupid that the very mention of their name makes your blood curl what do you do? The first thing you do is let them know how you feel and say "I don't like the person you are seeing" or in my case "What in gods name where you thinking even talking to a tosser like that?" the second thing you do is make a list of all the things that are bad about this person, this person in-particular has so many things wrong with them that the list is never-ending. Normally you think at this point, no no the person cant be that bad, but you know when someone wonderful has just had the worst history of partners that they get even crappier as they go along? It's one of those things. I am very protective over this person because I know they can, should and deserve better, but its so hard to make someone see that......Sometimes its impossible. When you know a person will only bring hurt and pain in the end and you try warn that person close to you but they still don't listen what do you do?

Monday, September 26, 2005

So many pink industry shirts

Saturday night I hit the town with my older sister and a few of her good friends (which are basically like my sisters) and let me tell you something, never before have I been crowded in such a small space with so many guys wearing pink industry shirts, with the collar turned up! To tell you the truth I prefer to company of pink industry t-shirts to box-black fringed emo's. The night didn't start off as well as I had hoped, it was a little boring at first however it did get better, much better. Things went off really well I danced and danced until I could dance no more, literally, my feet were as sore as they have ever been before but definitely worth the end. It was an awesome night and I am glad to have spent it with my sisters, love you girls!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

One of those rare days

It has been one of those rare days where you spend all day with your friends mucking around having a good time and enjoying each others company after many months of only ever sharing few good times together. A few of my friends and myself got together and had a great day, with no worries or hassles and it felt good to catch up and just be in a small group of friends with no one that gets under my skin at all. These days are really rare and unfortunately for myself and many other year twelve students in my position you know what I am talking about. I enjoyed today so much that I never wanted it to end, it did......Twelve hours after we all got together, days like these are ones to be cherished because they truly are rare.

In Your Honor- Foo Fighters

Hey people, I bought the new Foo Fighter album today and at the moment I am listening to the acoustic CD and I have to say that it is amazing. At first I thought that it was very unlike anything the Foo Fighters have ever done before but it turns out to be brilliant, it demonstrates the versatility of the band and how they are unafraid to reach beyond the comfort zone, in my opinion. For anyone who has not heard it yet I suggest you go out and purchase a copy and see what I am talking about. The second CD is both tranquil and touching, very good work once again from the Foo Fighters.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's not easy saying goodbye

At some point in ours lives we have to let go of people we love, its the hardest thing in the world, whether it be a friendship, marriage, significant other or someone passing on it will never be easy. Even with this knowledge we take it the worst way possible, why should we have to say goodbye to people that we care about and want to have in our lives? It is never easy and it will never get easier, so when this loss does come around the only advice that there is for people is "try and remember all the good times you had", "they are not gone as long as you keep their memory alive". Let me tell you something this is BULLSHIT! Nothing you can do will take away the hurt, its something that only time can heal, and time sometimes will never take away the hurt, my advice is to cherish the time you have with someone you love because one day, sooner or later you are going to loose them in one way or another. Make the time you have, live everyday look forward do not live in regret, easier said then done I know, I don't always live by this, I have lost before and I will loose again. Tell the someone you are close to how you feel and what they have done for you throughout your life...before it is to late because it is not easy saying goodbye.

Monday, September 19, 2005

So you finally came out

Ladies and gents it finally happened, a dear friend of mine has been in denial about their sexual tendency and on Friday they came out of the closet and asked out another one of my friends! It was the sweetest thing, I saw this coming all year, but it finally happened and this is a blog entry just to let that person know that I couldn't be more proud of them for doing what they did. And to also reassure, it doesn't matter what anyone says as long as you are happy, for anyone who doesn't accept who you are is not really your friend and is not worth your friendship. I know it took all your courage to finally let go of your fears and I just want to say that we are all here to support you if you need us. Congratulations for being so strong and I hope your date on Saturday went well.

birthday weekend was awesome!

Well people what can I say my birthday came and went before I realized it, but it was AWESOME! I had so much fun it was so good and I got heaps of really awesome presents and such, but the best thing about the whole weekend was that I got to spend it with people that I like. The entire weekend was great and I'm not exaggerating when I say the entire weekend, Friday was the party with the friends, Saturday family birthday, and Sunday was the biggest bumming day I ever had! A few good friends and myself did not move off the couch all Sunday it was glorious, the only down part is I woke up this morning and there was no one to hug! I'm still trying to understand why people don't get excited about their birthday's, its a time of celebration, joy and cake! I'll put some photo's up as soon as I get them back until then be good and if you cant be good be safe.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Well ladies and gents there is approximately one week left until I am officially eighteen....And I cannot wait! I think people at school are starting to get sick of me counting down but I can't be blamed. Believe it or not there is one person who is more excited for my own birthday than I am. Its my mum, not only is she counting days, she is doing hours and even minutes! Not even I know that yet, see mum remembers the exact minute I was born so she can count the minutes. I was very shocked to find out that a lot of my friends don't know the hour that they were born, let alone the minute. The first thing I am going to do when my hour comes is turn to Danni (my sister) and say "It's time!" then I have to go to school unfortunately, but fortunately it is the last day of term three and not only that but it is the last day of actual school (YAY!), so double celebration for me. Then I am going to party like a crazy bitch monkey on speed, cant wait. Have a good night ladies and gents for now I am off.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Bold and the Beautiful, eat your heart out!

So ladies and gents most people watch melodrama's to escape the realism of the world, to see what horrible situations they can put characters in that any normal person would think is just so far fetched that it had to be made up. THINK AGAIN! If someone were to base their melodrama on my life the stories would be so far fetched that even freaks would be scared. I'm talking people being hospitalized, deaths, love octagons people, emo's, the strange, bitter, conniving and of courses the whores. Now some of you are sitting in your chairs at your computer thinking, yeah right, well let me tell you something, ask anyone I know and they will tell you that my life writes its own soapy, so step back writers of young and the restless. Hide produces of the Bold and the Beautiful, because I was followed with a camera and a mike, you would be out of a job.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

No valedictory dinner for this girl

For those of you who don't know what a valedictory dinner is I'll explain. Valedictory, for my school, is a dinner to present people with graduation awards make a speech and dress up, we are allowed to have partners or parents and we have to sit with teachers. Now for me the words lame and stupid come into mind, so some friends and I have decided not to go and do our own thing. The plans are to get dressed up and go out somewhere and just have a blast, that may involve going to macca's and then going out afterward. I know this seems lame but hey you don't know my friends. Why on earth would anyone in their right mind pay to sit around with people they don't like including teachers, get an award they could get anyway and then have a STUPID after party which there is going to be lame music and conflict of whose goes and who doesn't. See for me those problems wont exist, IM going to party with people I like and have fun and still get my certificate, they just ripped off!