Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I just want to be skinny

If you’re a young woman about to hit twenty-one there are a few things you want, the killer dress with amazing shoes and accessories, birthday memories that will last throughout your life, the very cute date to show off and adore, the best time you’ve ever had whilst losing about ten kilo’s from your wonderfully curvaceous body in order to be ‘skinny’….can you pick the odd thing out?

This evening I entered this conversation, with someone I hold dear to me, about how there is nothing more important then looking like a celeb even if it means putting your health at risk to her. May I just state for the record many people who meet this wonderful individual are jealous of her, she’s fun, flirtatious, intelligent, free spirit with a gorgeous look to match, why the hell would she want to change it you ask? Because she is genuinely insecure when she leaves her work gear at home and heads out on the town for a good night out, all she can see around her are ‘skinny’ women. I have to admit that Melbourne is full of gorgeous people who are seemingly perfect but we all have our faults and insecurities people, we’re not made of stone and something like eighty-five percent of us are not vain/self absorbed or think we’re sexy or hot. The thing that really screwed up my mind is that this woman is without a doubt always being checked out and could have many a man if only she had a little more self confidence.

Not everyone is meant to have that slender look because for most of the population we are stuck with curves and bumps and unless you want to go to surgery you cannot change your bone structure or where your body wants to put its storage. Being ‘skinny’ is like the new black apparently but truth be told it is an unhealthy trend, for those of you who have the structure and the small figure I say good luck to you but for those who don’t have the structure and a perfectly proportioned and healthy why would you want to jeopardise your body with something addictive that will cut down your life span in order to make you look sickly?

While I’m here I have a bone to pick with the media yes you, you know who you are magazines with your flashy titles sold to every teen/bored house wife saying which celebs are ‘fat’ and which have become ‘anorexic’, hows about you stop pointing the finger and leave them be! The pressure of being a celebrity in this day and age would suck because it’s not your talent that gets judge its every minute detail what your wearing, who your sleeping with, I mean lighten up! They are people to you know they have insecurities and emotions so when you start calling them ‘fat’ they are going to do what every other emotionally hurt person would try what anyone insecure about their weight would do until they develop an eating disorder and then try to have to reverse the whole thing. Yes I admit that being a celebrity would mean having to deal with the media but who wants to hear about how Britney is ‘letting herself go’ when the woman hasn’t sang or acted for something like four years!

Embrace what you have I what I’m trying to get at and if you want to shed some poundage do it the old fashioned way, diet and exercise and if that still isn’t getting you where you want then stop reaching for those Doritos and chocolate and see what you can do apart from binging when things don’t go your way and if symptoms continue please go see your doctor.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Only Me

Ladies and gents if this doesn't get you giggling I don't know what will.

So you all know how much I love my mobile phone anyone who has been around me long enough knows that I use it all the time and not just for talking and text but for photos too, oh how I love photos. Anyway lately my phone has been playing up and being really dodgy it won't even let me use the camera features! So yesterday I gave my providers a call and told them about the crappiness which my beloved phone had become and they said it'd cost me about two hundred dollars to get fixed… If I had two hundreds dollars I wouldn't be using it to get my phone fixed!

Whilst thinking of ways to get my hands on a new phone it occurred to me I could pull a sneaky and say that I though someone had 'stolen' my phone and my insurance would pay for I new one. Now I know how horrible that sounds but why should I have to pay so many dollars a month when my handset is only costing me to pay off $6.75 a month over 24 months (yes I actually read my contract with the miniscule print) and the sim I put a plan on is barred because I love to talk so its best if I'm on prepaid. Having thought all of this through I thought right I'll do it!

Today I had an interview at an ungodly hour of the morning 9:30 am for you normal folk and then after that I was going to go make my claim as I was already in the city, when my interview was over I was fishing around in the monstrosity of a bag that I was carrying but I couldn't find my phone, I had lost it! All my contacts/photos/film all gone I was so upset, so this time I really had to go make a claim. First I went to the police station, then to my providers then I had to call the insurance company but because my phone is registered under mums name she had to call them. So I left all the details with Dani to pass onto ma. All the while I thought at leats now I'm going to get my new phone.

After all this had happened I thought 'I might as well purchase a new sim card because I'm going to need one anyway' and I changed my provider. I got to thinking about how I'd contact all the people I needed to and most of which I don't have their home phone numbers so I got angry thinking that it'd take at least a week for them to send me a new phone.

When I arrived home I called mum to see if she had rang the insurance company and she paused and said "as I was on the phone to them someone called you dad saying that they had found your phone..." I was so excited I didn't lose any of my stuff "…but the insurance people heard the whole conversation so you're not going to get a new phone." ONLY ME!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chanel fashion or forever?

This blog is dedicated to my darling sister who will always manage to surprise me through proving a point without meaning to do so.

Last night at dinner my family got into a discussion about what Sera (my eldest sister) wanted for her 21st birthday mum and dad want to get her something that she can keep and mark the occasion and when Sera mentioned the Chanel earrings she longed for mum and dad put in their say with a ‘no’ because they believe its just a label in which you are paying for. Now I don’t mean this is a harsh way but Sera got frustrated trying to explain to my parents, who are anything but materialistic, that to her the two little c’s represented more then a brand it represented art, I laughed harder then I have in a long time, then I got to thinking perhaps shes right…perhaps Coco is an artist.

I'm a firm believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all things have a certain element of beauty to them if we are willing to broaden our minds and view them in a certain way. So if a fashion designer can have the same passion for their work as a painter or poet who's to say that what they produce is not as valuable? Sure a person may argue that a fashion designer may mass produce what they create but then again isn't it the sense of having something ‘beautiful’ that makes it rare and worth the big dollars people are willing to spend?

For me I am not one for labels but the more I think about Sera’s point the more it makes sense, something is defined as rare and beautiful by the population that view it in that way. Now come on ladies how many of you have sat and watched Sex and the City and not dreamt about purchasing a pair of Jimmy Choo heals because you see a trendy great character adoring them?

So perhaps instead of dismissing the thought of investing lots of money into something that can be copied for a lesser price think about the lack of value it will have. When you purchase a piece of art that to you is beautiful you don’t want a copy scan and print you want the real thing to be able to appreciate it.

Perhaps from now on I will stop judging my sister for ‘throwing’ her dollars away and start seeing it as her own investment and who knows, maybe I’ll even stop almost fainting when I hear the prices…if she realises that its not about impressing other and valuing it for what it is of course.

An unexpected lesson learnt, to appreciate something from someone else’s perspective, something that I could only learn from the fashion critique’ in my home, thanks Sera.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chicks before dicks and bro’s before hoe’s

The saying that you often hear when you're going through heartbreak or your partner is giving you the shits or you have just had enough of dealing people who are supposedly the other 'fish in the sea', you will often hear the expression or something similar to 'mates before dates', this is all very good cause you know you have people who support you when those things occur.

What do you do though when you really like/love/care about someone which buddies and your pals just don't like for one reason or another? Do you give up your happiness thinking perhaps the relationship probably won't last, try make your friends see what you see or do you ditch your buddies for this one person? It's tough especially when both mean equally as much to you and trying to make them at least try get along for your sake fails? Eventually you will lose one or the other and it sucks it really does and anyone who has ever experienced this knows what I'm talking about.

Under certain circumstances the person who want does not want to get to know your mates or the other way around, I have found that it is usually the fellas who don't want to know about their girlfriends guy mates and the ladies don't really want to hear about the hot best friend who your so very close with. But you always allow for the two groups of people to try and make nice so it's easier for you especially when you can see something permanent coming your way with both or either party.

No matter how much you dislike someone's partner or mates you should always make an effort for the middle person, because it is them who has to put up with and deal with both. Even if it is simple 'hey how is everything' conversation it helps. Try to think of as meeting a member of the family you don't like but can't get rid of.

Bro's before hoes and chicks before dicks will always be something you can depend on, but it's nice to know that your two worlds can co-exist and that people can at least make an effort for your happiness.