Saturday, September 29, 2007

True storey, it happened to a blogging friend of YOURS!

This was an argument that took place between an old friend of mine via msn. I'm the purple text, he is the blue. If you ever thought that only didnt have balls you were very wrong! Enjoy

sorry about that, hello?

Ey, did u get wat i said b4
no i didn't, what did it say?
its was jst me realizin that ur b'day had gone
yeah that did happen, thanks
yea dw
i dont know if you know, but i tried to call you last week
yes i saw ur missed call
no credit?
nah nah
oh okay then.....
jst the whole gf thingy
you cant answer your phoen to say hello and see if im still alive?
which is wat i was sry about earlier
after all this time has passed and i havent spoken to you shes still paranoid?
more than eva. u dont understand how many times we've fought about you
thast awful, i feel sorry for you. me? i havent spoken to you in months, and the only reason i called was to try and make ammends of our hanging relationship
i kno, i hav nothin against it . she jst doesnt like our history
our history when we were what 15? that 5 years ago literally. thats really pathetic
i kno, thats exactly wat i say. i want 2 talk 2 u
so i have been sitting here thinking that you havent wanted to get back in contact with me and you havent cause your girlfriend doesnt trust you?
pretty much
so i guess im not invited to the wedding? she was engagaed and cheatedon the guy she was with for you and shes the one thats parranoid?
wedding? if all goes well that aint happenin for at least another 2-3 years. he was doin the dirty long b4 she met me. well the main reason y shes paranoid is cause...apparently when i first started talkin to her n told her about u i said "that u were prolly a girl i could get serious with" . since she heard that, shes found u as a threat
for us to get serious one of us would have ti move, we'd both have to still be into one another. a threat?. your madly in love with HER how am I a threate?
cause when i say ur name, those things i said earlier go through her head
well seeing as you dont talk to me,......EVER how is my name being mentioned?

cause that day i found ur missed call, i told her u tried ringin. then all hell broke lose. blah blah blah...almost broke up...blah blah blah
i'll call you when shes in the room, on loudspeaker for fuck sake. she threatened to break up with you cause someone who has been theer for you at your lowest points, who help0ed you get through tough shit, called you?
yea, i even said that. seriously
thats mental
she said its either me or her
seriosuly and you not calling me back is even worse. ?!what shes fucking out of her mind, i only called to say hello....thats fucked up
i dno i love her 2 dam much 2 jst walk away i cant imagine doin it. theres no way...
i dont send you flirtacious messages, i dont call you at all, she doesnt trust you
u obviously cant see wat kind of a situation im in
what? your gf being a paranoid bitch? for NO reason take a look at things from my side, i had to give up speaking to someoen who used ot mean the world to me cause his gf is scraed something is going to happene between us from a DIFFERENTstate! if she dumped you cause of me, then she aint worth having around
...i dno
then get some knowledge, do you beiliev she is the only person you can feel these emotions with? cause your wrong, someone who you are meant to be with respects you for who you are as an indivdual. you know your in a good realtionship when it can feel like your always your own person with someone
i aim totally myself around her...
without someone who you used to call your best mate?
thats the only fukd up thing

-Things ended here before I lost my mind completely and got so angry msn style and typed *insert dramtic music* in CAPITALS!!!!!!


At 11:27 am, September 29, 2007, Anonymous Danielle said...

naww tis sad =(
woahh i didnt know you 2 had history!! GOD im so out of the loop
hugs i love the behli

At 2:06 pm, September 29, 2007, Anonymous David said...

HHmmm, interesting. I was about to side with her until I found out she'd cheated on her fiance with this guy! I guess that's a reason to be distrustful though, because she had a guy she thought she could spend her life with at some stage and even then couldn't help herself from having a taste outside.

I want to some this comment up with something profound, but I think I'll just go with something honest, as pathetic and paranoid as it is, I would never ever want a GF of mine talking to her ex, for any reason, no matter how long ago it was.

At 2:07 pm, September 29, 2007, Anonymous Bettina said...

I really hate the whole ex makes you lose some of the best friends you've had...I hate it, I really do. Sending my heart out to you, Bee, my dear!

At 6:35 pm, October 01, 2007, Anonymous Lisa said...

he's a douche. dont bother, he'll be with her till the day he fucking dies if he cant give her up NOW. If there's one thing that is more self destructive than anything, it's being in a relationship you dont wanna be in.

At 7:31 pm, October 01, 2007, Blogger Manfred said...

I don't really understand jealousy. It's a tough call though because people are often tempted to find outside a relationship what they're not getting in it. That can create problems.

At 2:12 pm, October 06, 2007, Anonymous Tyza-to-tha-Roninus said...

Nice beat-down

At 11:49 pm, October 11, 2007, Blogger Mumdotcom said...

A hug from faraway for you. It was a distasteful episode, no doubt. But just from a distant observer, I think that sometimes the written word and something like msn could be the cause of misunderstandings and unhappiness. We tend to be influenced by the words we see on the screen than what is really the true meaning. At times we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the other person and ask ourselves that if we were them, would we have said those things in response. In a situation that is not face-to-face with words flying on the screen back and forth we have no chance to think carefully. Take care.

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