Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Radial Angel

For a little while now I have been wanting new musical talent to come in and shake things up a bit, I'm tired of drab music that doesn't sound good even after alteration and performers who should never do a live show. Today I was introduced to a band that I actually fell in love with after I heard their smash hit "She". The band is Radial Angel, which consists of; Tommy Perkins (drums) Jared Taber (vocals and guitar) Josh Evans (guitar) Eddie Jones(bass), four very talented guys who know exactly what they are doing. Their music is very easy listening and you can really connect with it. The band was born in 1999 and they have been doing well ever since. Don't just take my word for it though, check out their website (link above), check it out and tell me what you think, in the mean time happy listening ladies and gents.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


There are many definitions for what a hero is. Some people consider their fav celebrities hero's, others turn to leaders in their religions there are even those people who turn fictional characters like Spiderman because they consider the morals, actions and good deeds behind him to be heroic. For me however and most other people left over from the other catergories our hero's are ordinary people who do not get put in the lime light and do good things everyday and make a difference in someone's life. For me I find that the Foo Fighters say it best in their song Hero when they say "there goes my hero, he's ordinary.", my hero is a person whom is selfless and has contributed to the happiness of many children. He is a brilliant doctor and a marvelous human being, my hero is Dr. Christopher Coombs. Who's yours?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Shambles

Recently my dear friend Lisa got me onto a really good thing called The Shambles, a tv series on channel 31, featuring three crazy guys who one day got a little creative with a camera they won in a raffle. Sos, Valvo and Lynchy are possibly the funniest things on TV next to Bert Newton's illegitimate toupee. The DVD is chock full of great entertainment (funny shit) with the boys and their own random characters (viva SKYLINE MAN!). Lisa, Mia and I each keep a pet Shamble, deep in our loins (Lisa has dibs on Valvo so step off, ladies). You can check out the new episodes on Wednesday at 7:30 pm channel 31 and repeats
Sunday 12:30 am
Tuesday 6 pm

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Too much too soon.

I believe that when two people are both ready and comfortable that they should engage in sexual activities, some take their time and wait for the opportune moment whilst others get straight down to business. Lately I've noticed that there are more males out there who are willing to wait with the ‘right’ girl and more girls whom are willing engage in sexual activities because they believe this is a way to find and keep a man. I know at times we give into our hormonal urges and sometimes get swept up in the moment, but when a previous relationship has ended because there was too much too soon don’t you think we ought to have learnt? I do believe that in a relationship, which both parties want to make the relationship work, that restraint is most definitely possible and a good thing. More often then not women tend to like men who show a certain amount of restraint for the first few dates and in return men generally respect women who also show restraint but leave them wanting more. When two people who are just starting to get to know one another I think it is then when they should show most restraint, unless under certain circumstances. The question is how does a person tell, when wanting to give into their hormones and urges, that it is too much and actually puts a person off. When all is said and done it becomes too late and people’s views and opinions change of one another and we are still left to ponder what is too much to soon.

Monday, May 01, 2006

New beginning

This new month for me is going to be a big one, I have shed myself of all my bad habits and I am going to start fresh with a new positive look on life. Sick of being in a horrible slump I decided that it was time to get rid of my bad habits, binge eating, swearing and bad people in my life and replacing them with, a healthier eating plan, no swearing and meeting new fresh faces to rid myself of the old. I think its for the best, its not going to be easy but I think that I shall come out of it a better person...Or learning something either way its good wish me luck!