Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I dont speak boy!

Well ladies and gents yours truly has just come back from a date and I am confused as all hell!

Okay so for the purpose of privacy we shall call my date Mr. Date just so it’s easier to follow. Anyway let me begin the storey:

It happened on a Saturday night when I was out with the ladies having an awesome time and I got perhaps the most drunk I have been since my birthday (for those of you who where not there to witness my drunk rampage on my birthday let me put it to you this way it was the most drunk I have ever been in my whole life), so I met this guy and we danced and flirted and I gave him my number, next day I get a message one things leads to another and he asks me out and after a few days of thinking abut it I agreed.

Today after work I went and met him all was fine we went to grab a bite to eat a nice place he chose (nice choice on his behalf) and things were going well, you know we were but a little nervous but that’s to be expected.

So after we had both done eating he drops this line on me "if I leave now I can make it to work on time." -now he didn’t mention to me once that he had work so I thought it was his way of getting out of what he thought was a bad date.

I thought to myself okay this is not going the way I had thought it was, but then he grabbed my hand to hold it, which was nice so I thought yeah maybe he does have work, then we walked to the train station and he said
" I will call you, sometime?"
"Yeah defiantly" -I responded. Then he leant in and kissed me.

Now I know the ending is good but why didn’t he tell me he had work? Is this the male way of putting a girl down easily? Did he really have work and if so why didn’t he tell me OR above all am I reading too much into things?