Monday, January 30, 2006

Getting tender with the ladies

For the last three days I have been hanging out with Michele and for the last two mia has been with us hoorah! Called Michele on Saturday night, I needed a girls night in grabbed the natural confec and the galiano (never again with vanilla ice cream) and was on my way. mich and I had an awesome night together singing and made the most wonderful mouth watering cookies you have ever tasted! She was the best company you got to love her such a sweet kid. woke up at 3pm the next day were bored and hot and decided it was beachness time so we got up and ready and headed down to coles to collect mia from work. We waited for TWO AND A HALF HOURS! We had chips and a sing along twas great. When mia finished work we headed home collected our stuff and headed for the beach, however before that we stopped off to get some cheech and chong and went to the beach and shared a very tender moment with mia and her tornato (that's not a spelling error!) drove home and almost got killed by some gangsters at macca's (damn mich and her sexy animal magnet ways). Then home to the house to watch some tele and passed out.

Today well where to begin...Pancakes! Followed by gathering of money petrol and the deacon to go the the place mia wanted to go last time...Once again we were unsuccessful (fuckin desert). Then to servo for pee (man it felt good) drove past a windmill then back to coburg lake (we have a thing there). chickened outgoing down the rocks so they got tender without me (bitches!) but they made it up to me and we all got tender together (aww). And mia pulls out how romantic coburg lake is and my response was "any place that says cant be romantic" (I'm standing by that one). Went back to the house and I cooked dinner like the good housewife I am to Michele (don't ask) then chilled and had a good time. We wanted to blow up the lilo once again so we went to the servo to try blow it up at one of those air & water stands...Unsuccessfully so we headed home now we here! The girls will put their own message. That's an interesting attire

Friday, January 27, 2006


I'm all for romance I think its sweet and wonderful and very little of it in the world especially in younger generations. It's not about flowers and candy its about sentimental gestures and doing things for the ones we care about out of impulse and because we want to. I believe that many people are under the rogue that romance is all you need to make a relationship work, let me tell you something its not! A good relationship takes work and fights and anger amongst the other wonderful emotions some people believe that once the romance is 'gone' that the relationship is over but I think the ideals of romance change as the relationship progresses. My mum thought it was romantic that my dad got her flowers and such at the beginning of the relationship but now her idea of romance in their 26 year marriage is dad taking her for a walk along the beach. People need to accept these things ad appreciate the sometimes subtle and sweet gestures and see them as true romance rather then the romance dying!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bali prosecutors demand death for Chan

Indonesian prosecutors demanded death for the Bali Nine's alleged "godfather", describing a smiling Andrew Chan as the "engine" behind a bid to smuggle $A4 million worth of heroin to Australia.
The former Sydney catering supervisor smirked and nodded as Chief Prosecutor Olopan Nainggolan asked a three-judge panel to send him to the firing squad, maintaining the bravado he has shown since the nine were busted on the night of April 17 last year.

I said it before and I'll say it again he is getting what he deserves I mean come on does he not know about what happened to Shappel Corby or Tran Vanguyen (I dont think that's his name but oh well) what did he think was going to happen to him? What a dumbass, I mean really ah well his lost not ours its the least he deserves how many more people will try and smuggle drugs before they wake up and realize that they are going to get a death sentence or life


I bought a tamagochi on.....Tuesday and its not a really tamagochi its a little rip off one but its awesome and you can choose out of 24 pets and I choose the hippo and I called him cake! He is cool and he is two days old dani got one as well and she killed her pet over night! So yeah lets see how long I can keep him going for.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

John Mayer

I have been at my computer for a few hours on and off today and the only thing that I have been listening is John Mayer, he has great voice and can play instruments and he can write his own songs. I didn't really get into him until last two years ago but now I appreciate him and all he does, a person only has to sit down and really listen to what he says its beautiful and he is one of the performers who would have to try to flop in their career's. I think everyone should check him out down load buy CD's just sit and have a listen its beautiful and great.


I'm a huge Simpson's fan, love it, one of the best shows ever but something happened to me whilst watching one of my personal favorite episodes that made me think twice. Season 4- A street car named Marge, now this episode was based upon Tennessee Williams play A street car named desire and in the play Stanley (played by Flanders) is the brother in-law of Blanche DuBois (played by Marge). Now having all of this information cast your minds to the episode and the scene where Marge is trying to brake the glass bottle and she explains that she cant bring out the rage in herself because she doesn't know why Blanche is so mad at Stan. HELLO earth to Marge, Stan is an animal and tries to rape her and she cant see why she should be mad! And yet she is angered by Homer's stupidity and lack of sensitivity, I know its a cartoon but come on don't you think that is a little ignorant of Marge? Shame Jeff Martin shame!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

hey spunky

Hey Michael well if you are reading this you made it to my blog…welcome! Read through check out the later months what ever you like. Leave me a comment though it doesn’t have to be anything long and grand but just a little note to let e know you were here. Check out the profile see if it gives you a little more insight on me well I’m off but in the mean time happy reading.

Monday 23rd (its a late entry)

I was picked up at two by mia and mich and we went on our way to pick up a camera, bite to eat at macca's where the girls insisted upon making a table cloth of napkins so as not to get herpes (don't ask) after we contacted cuddy- unable to come out because of enrolment (you should see the mug shot its great!) so went on our merry way ended up going to victory park we were joined my mia's friend jacob then at queens park michele wanted to get to the island in the middle of this...lake/pond thing.we were going to get the lilo out of mia's car and they were going to try and cross mia didn't want to get wet and was trying to tell michele and jacob that whilst they were thinking of how they could do girls then headed down to hillside to check out mia's new place of residency (we hate it mia...only cause its far!) then mia tried to take us on this magical adventure and we ended up in the middle of nowhere 3k away from melton so we went to petrol station and stocked up on the essentials snackage and such and headed to melb once again on our way home cuddy called so we went and collected him and took ourselves and the lilo to coburg lake where us girls got stuck on the rocks I broke my havians and cuddy had to save mia and michele by getting a rock to cross over water with he saved the day so we christened him hercuehoff! we then headed down to another park with this spinny wozzy dizzy type thing and sat in there for almost two hours weher it then became dark so we headed to here (mia casa) where the four of us kicked backed and had some good laughs.....and mia and i almost got attacked by a spider. michele introduced mia, cuddy and myself to this thing called salad fingers (creepy and cool at the same time) cuddy turned 18 (HOORAY) and by the time they left me it was 3 am you can tell by the sleepiness but twas an awesome day...again!


Well dude now that you are 18 we (me and the girls) can take you out and go see the strippers and get you trashed hope your birthday was awesome and that you weren't too tired and cant wait for the drunk party photo's so I can post them!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Suddenly scared

Everyone has a fear most of us have many, some are rational and make sense like dying and not having lived our lives to the full extent and others are not so rational like being crushed by a vending machine. My latest fear now is death. Not my own death but the dead of the people around me who are aging and having more and more health problems. I always figured that these people would be in my life for as long as I was but now that I am older I realize that they wont be and it scares me. How do we move on and live without people who we have loved and have loved us in return?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Check the bono style glasses

Check out the picture and tell me that it doesn't make you think of Bono (lead singer from the band U2), this thought occurred to me when I sent this picture to a friend who pointed the fact out. The thing is though I like the glasses, they are over-sized and crazy...As they should be to match the person but on the other hand Bono is not my cup of tea. I just down right don't like the man I know he is supposed to do good work and he is a generous man but there is just something about him which makes me want to just.....scratch like I have fleas. This over sized glasses trend has caught on and now every where I look I am reminded of him and its really starting to freak me out!

Well I'm back

People it's good to be back, my net went down for many weeks and I am glad to have it bac. It's so simple to stay in touch with people and have my blog which i have updated.....again! Well xmas and new year was good i dont have much to report at the moment but i shall soon as always keep reading in the mean time though