Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Realistic resolutions

Ladies and gents a very happy new year to you all, I was fortunate enough to spend new years with people I really love and care about there were a couple of absent faces (you know who you are) but it was truly awesome.

On the last night of 2007, between drinks, being jumped on top of and wishing passers by a very happy new year in a loud fashion, I got to thinking about new years resolutions and I came up with one that makes me truly happy and that I think that I will most defiantly stick to. My New Year resolution is to avoid wankers and people of a stupid nature and embrace and hold tightly onto the people who I hold dear. This resolution I thought was simple yet affective and something I know I am going to stick to as opposed to so many failed ones before this.

So a very belated Merry Christmas (even if your still waiting for yours) and a happy New Years to one and all and hopefully the new year brings you what you want.


At 10:03 pm, January 01, 2008, Blogger Manfred said...

Wankers stay away! Happy NY Bea.

At 2:01 pm, January 02, 2008, Anonymous Zilly said...

Just be careful, madam. Rules were made to be broken.
Happy New Year to you and yours!

At 2:02 pm, January 02, 2008, Anonymous Michael said...

You write yours in Microsoft Word first too? It's hard to get it to post right. Merry xmas and new year to you too, glad you've got one good solid resoultion going! It's a really good one. cutting out the crap, and taking in all the good stuff. Pretty easy, but probably the best one to have! Mine too :)

At 2:04 pm, January 02, 2008, Anonymous Tyza said...

Well, I guess this is last you'll be hearing of me then :P

At 2:04 pm, January 02, 2008, Anonymous Claire said...

Happy New Years, my resolution is so simple it's brilliant and fool proof - To be happy.

At 2:05 pm, January 02, 2008, Anonymous Bettina said...

That's a good resolution ^_^

Much love Bee, Happy New Year xoxox


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