Wednesday, December 14, 2005

great day

Today was one of the best days that I have had in a long time. I needed to get out of the house and see some familiar faces. So Mia (one of my best mates) came and got me, we then went to pick up Michele and out of the spur of the moment we also gathered up our friend Cuddy (David). We had no plans really so we made it up as we went along, I wanted to go to the beach and so we did! We walked around for a bit then I got hungry and we found somewhere to eat. We saw a he-she (transvestite) who we named Bobo, then Cuddy went and got Nando’s as you can see he’s fabulous! Then we waddled around for some more and went another part of the beach and collected shells and paddled in water (sounds silly but it was great), then we headed off to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Where we hung out for a while and just talked and laughed, as we do, and we saw the cutest little ducklings, I got freaked out by a duck that came out of nowhere behind me. I got over my fear for the swan and i feed it, the thing took the grass right out of my hand! Then before you know it, it was all over but it was a great adventure while it lasted and I’m glad I spent it with people that I love.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

something written to me, for me.

A sunset so rich,
Shines like your smile,
A spring morning so fresh.
Akin to your smooth gait,
The wind soft and gentle,
Your lips are as soothing,
The day so great,
Your beauty its eternal queen

Monday, December 12, 2005

why racism in sydney?

Why the hell has there been racist break out in Sydney? It seems to be against the Muslim community and the Aussie’s and what for? I thought that people of this country were here because they wanted equality and not have to worry about racism amongst all things I mean really think about it. Australia is one of the most multicultural societies throughout out the world and yet there is a mini race war right here in our very own back yards. You think after all that has been going on in the world people would want to stand united against this kind of shit but people are clearly ignorant and stupid… something I have to remind myself. Racism has existed for too long, despite how far the Australia has come as a country. People whom are still fighting about which race they believe to be superior have no acceptance which means that they are no better then the prejudice people who everyone fought so hard against for equality in this country and around the world. Anyone who chooses to be racist should stop and think about how they would feel if their own race was the one being picked on…its Hitler and the Jewish community all over again, which saddens me cause this means that we have not bettered ourselves from the tyrants before us.


Congratulations to everyone who did well on their enters I’m proud of you all and for those who didn’t get what they wanted or needed just remember there are other ways around the system and at least you tried!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Karen Ellis a paedophile?

He was a Melbourne schoolboy. She was his PE teacher. He was 15. She was 36, old enough to be his mother. And she broke every rule in the book. For her sins, Karen Ellis was branded a paedophile, convicted and jailed. Just this month she was released and tonight she and her victim, Ben Dunbar, tell their story — the attraction, the secret meetings, the love affair … her crime. Put bluntly, Karen Ellis betrayed a trust. She had sex with a minor. And surprising as it may seem, after all the notoriety, all the damage this affair has caused, Karen Ellis and young Ben are back in touch. (see link for article)

Okay so there have been many debates about this issue and I for one am on the side of Karen. Sure she slept with a student but come on the boy of fifteen years of age knows what he is doing. He was in a relationship with the woman and he consented to having sex with her, sure it is a breech of trust for a student teacher relationship to go on. Many people would question what a woman of her age would see in such a young male but does anyone truly understand the function of the human mind or why some people commit acts, which seem out of the ‘ordinary’…there is not one answer but thousands and they are only theories. If Ben had of been younger I would have looked at it from a completely different perspective but he wasn’t he knew what he was doing by engaging in a relationship with a teacher. What annoys me is how differently the law can be interpreted about age, take for example the two boys who stole a child from a pram and threw her onto the train tracks they were only just becoming teenagers yet they were tried as adults. So why is it that a fifteen year old boy who is having a relationship with a teacher cannot be considered as old enough to understand what he was doing? She should have lost her job for going against the rules of teaching but surely no be seen as a paedophile.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Foo Fighters were fabulously-excellent! There is no other way to describe how great last nights performance was. It was a great night and the boys managed to rock the entire arena with their outstanding performance. So many people came to witness the FF’s in concert and let me tell you it was money well spent, and ladies who put in for Jess’s birthday present she was extremely grateful. I was so excited, I went nuts, sang, screamed and deafened some poor man standing in-front of me I bought a t-shirt and badges and if I had enough money I would have bought more stuff even a ticket to tonight’s second performance! It was a great experience and for anyone who missed out I feel sorry for you but there is always next time and I shall be there!

Monday, December 05, 2005

FlyBuys anyone?

Do you have FlyBuys? This is the question I have to ask when customers are paying for their groceries and many of them don’t. My mum first heard about FlyBuys a few years ago through a family friend of ours and once she started getting rewards for her everyday shopping mum got excited and decided to join. Most people ask me what’s the point in having this card because it takes forever to get poi9nts well let me tell you something it doesn’t! Mum has collected heaps of points from doing normal shopping and going after the odd Myer’s spending spree she got things like free dinners and movie tickets. Mum even suggested taking her card to work with me in order to get points from other customers for herself! If you still don’t get FlyBuys check out the website at:

Saturday, December 03, 2005

What to do?

A friend of mine was going to bash someone because a friend of his was rapped, and there is almost nothing more disgusting then a rapist to me so naturally I said go ahead. But then I stopped and thought about it, my friend had not known this girl for very long so I advised him to be cautious. I also remembered that my friend was on a good behaviour bond because of something he did that he was very ashamed of, me being concerned I put two and two together. If my friend was indeed caught and arrested for beating up a guy (despite of how much of a low life piece of scum he was) he would be charged. After being charged he would be on trial and the poor girl would have to testify to back up his storey as so he did not get a heavy sentence. Now perhaps instead of going to the police she confided in her friend because she was ashamed of what happened, most victims feel this way, so she would not want anyone to find out. Now if she didn’t want anyone to find out wouldn’t it be wise for this friend of mine not to do anything? I know that the rapist would deserve a beating of a life time and much more because he is scum but the exposure of this horrible truth would perhaps hurt this poor girl and send a man trying to take justice into his own hands to prison. So I advised against it, I also told him to mention to her that she has options that she could go to the police and such but losing a friend to prison is not worth getting one scum bag brutally bashed when the man can be taken to court and given a harsher penalty. Feed back on this conflicting issue would be good because I see both sides of the argument here.

Friday, December 02, 2005

tis the season to be....jolly?

Well ladies and gents we are drawing ever closer to that festive time of the year and I am not sure if I am looking forward to it this year…I mean xmas is great and all but around this time of year a lot of not so mice incidents happen….and its freaking me out a little. I love doing the family thing and stuffing myself silly and the presents and the giving of presents but there is something seriously lacking. Like usually by this time the tree is up and I get all excited but this year there is a serious lacking and I feel meh about the whole ordeal. No people this is me getting to old for xmas because usually I love it but there is something different about this year