Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just gray

Colour is deceiving, I figured this out last night whilst I entered a discussion with my friend Daniel, I realised that people see things in colour, and colour is tricky because with the slightest alteration of shade it can become something else, something that it is not. With this I thought about photos, not only photos but ones in black and white, with this I thought about all the objects that would make for beautiful black and white photographs. Then it hit me, why try and capture something beautiful when the most beautiful thing of all is hidden beneath layers of colour? I'm talking of course about the naked human form. One of natures better creations if I do say so myself, a naked human body is vulnerable and honest, it cannot lie, it cannot be something it was never intended to be, it is what it is. my thoughts kept going along this track and I decided I wanted to find a photo of the naked female body and see it in black and white, because the combination of bare flesh and black and white showed truth, honesty, pure beauty, all the things that any person can appreciate. Unlike colour black and white has no alterations to it; there are just depths of gray in which allow us to see what runs deeper then two powerful shades. I’d like to be able to see the world in black and white, honest yet allows room for depth with gray. I want people to stop judging what is supposed to be 'beauty' and see us for what we really are, a variety of shapes and sizes, look beyond what we are not and appreciate us for our differences, once you've done this I believe the door of opportunity opens wider. Stop seeing people in colour, see them in black and white, to show truth, depth and with it you will realise that everything is just gray

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Self absorbed

Usually I have no problem in doing things for the people I care about, even if it takes me out of my comfort zone and I have to make some sacrifices, usually I am un-phased by it because I know that if ever I needed something that they would do the same for me, not that I expect them to do something cause I did something for them but I do expect getting a helping hand when I lend my own out to people. Anyway I just realised something, that one person that I have been helping out has become really self absorbed and it makes me sick! After suffering many years around self absorbed people I rid myself of them last year and started afresh and thought I wouldn’t have to put up with it because I wasn’t going to have these people in my life, clearly I was wrong. there has been one person constantly in my presence who has been nothing but selfish and it doesn’t matter what I, or anyone else did to try and make this persons life better every time I or someone else needs that helping hand we get pushed away. Its especially hard when it is someone so close to you that even with all your rage and strength behind you all you have to see is a pair of sad brown eyes and all you want to do is stop that pain, but for what? Most of the time the pain is self inflicted because this person, by now, should know better and should be able to handle themselves in a more capable manner considering their age but they don’t seem to appear to want to. I want to strangle this person at present but then I think is it really worth it? I understand that this person has got their own shit going on but so do I, and where has my helping hand been when I have needed it? I have struggled through some tough times and all I have ever wanted and needed was a quick "if ever you need me I am here for you", but not only the words but the sincerity behind it and that person being there. I know your reading this right now and you'll be mad and even angered by my words but think about how I feel and how it affects me for once and stop being so self absorbed

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From date to hate

Ladies and gents I wanted to discuss something that will, has or has repeatedly happened to anyone who has ever dated more then one person in their entire lives, what I am talking about is the transformation of wanting to be with someone who you believe is totally great you couldn’t be happier with them and then in the end of it all you hate them, perhaps not hate but close to. I have had many of those relationships where I have ended up totally wanting to never speak to these people ever again and one person in particular that I went back and forth between dating and hating. I think that this happens because in the beginning of a relationship people try to put their best qualities out there in order to find someone and most of those things are appealing to the unsuspecting person, I'll give you an example, my ex was sweet, kind, caring compassionate and I saw all of those lovely thing for the first three months of our relationship and by that time I believed I was head over heals and when I revealed this that's when the gloves came off and I saw the true person. This person turned from all the lovely things mentioned above to; rude, temperamental, disrespectful and selfish, sure fair enough you become comfortable with a person enough to let them see what your really like but let me tell you something, if I had seen this before I got involved I wouldn’t have even considered this guy for a friend and that says a lot. How is it that the people we thought once to be a good match for us turn out to be people we actually cannot stand? I want to hear all the stories about people who have gone from date to hate and why. Also is it because people become so desperate not to be lonely and to have someone to call their own that we would consider going for the date that we will eventually hate?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The things we do for the people we love

Love will always be, for me, one of those forces stronger then anything I know and can understand, so it is easy for most to appreciate that when it comes to matters of the heart and the people in which we hold in it, that we will often behave in a way that is unusual or different in order to do things for those people. Many may not realise what you are doing, but even the smallest of gestures are acknowledged and thankful, for me its usually telling a white lie to my parents for my siblings, or lending someone a few extra dollars when they are in a tight jam. Greater gestures like holding back how you feel about one person to see them happy and letting go of something dear to you because its right and you want whats best for someone else does not always get seen or mentioned and therefore people cannot be grateful. On numerous occasions I have done things for the people that i love in order to see them happy, to give them the benefit of the doubt, or simply because i would put them before myself without hesitation. Many months ago someone did that for me, this person showed me that love was possible beyond all my beliefs that it had vanished from this particular relationship, and although i did not notice at the time, i do now, I thank this person from the bottom of my heart, I can only imagine the pain, but i assure you it was worth it. If someone you love has done something for you that you believe ought to be recognised then don't waste another moment, thank them, because it is not always easy to do the thing we do for the people we love

Monday, September 11, 2006

Beta blogging

Ladies and gents, the reason as to why I have not been posting comments is because I have been unable to post on blogs that have not been 'upgraded' to beta blogging, and have not been able to access some blogs, I will see if i can get the problem fixed, but in order to be able to comment you may need to upgrade, its basically the same thing, just a little modified. Thanks for understanding

Monday, September 04, 2006

R.I.P Aussie Icon

He was filming an underwater documentary at Batt Reef near the Low Isles about 32 nautical miles off Port Douglas when the accident occurred. According to a Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman, a Cairns ambulance chopper made an emergency flight to an island in the area just after 11am today. An intensive care doctor and a paramedic attempted to treat the popular crocodile wrangler – who had a puncture wound in the left side of his chest - without success. He was pronounced dead on the island, and his body is now being flown to Cairns.Professor Geoff Jones, of James Cook University's Marine Biology Department, said he did not want not speculate on what Irwin was doing when struck by the stingray but that it must have been unusual. He said it was possible the barb alone – regardless of the stingray's toxin - had been responsible for the death. "It's a bit like being stabbed with a bayonet," he said. "If it stays in, you can survive, but if it's withdrawn, whipped in and out, then I don't think you can survive the bleeding." Irwin - known worldwide as the Crocodile Hunter - is famous for his enthusiasm for wildlife and his catchcry "Crikey!".

This is one of the saddest things I can recall in happening for Australia, rest in peace Steve Irwin, your "Crickey!" will be missed