Thursday, May 03, 2007

Some people are S.O.B's

Three weeks ago I got a message from someone who I was very close to in high-school but since then we have led different lives and they got a partner and decided that they didn’t need their friends anymore; for the purpose of confidentiality I shall call them SW (sympathy whore). So three weeks ago, after almost two years of communication, I got a message from SW saying,
“I need you to do me a favour; I have become really depressed lately and I slit my wrist. I know I haven’t been the best friend to you lately but would you attend my birthday dinner I need friends in my life right now.” –I have never been a person to turn down someone who was close to me and especially not someone who needed my help so naturally I agreed. I didn’t know how to react when I got that message and I believe that when people want to talk about it they will come to you, so I said if ever you need me call or message or even rock up and my home and I shall do what I can.

A few days had passed and I had heard nothing, but I know SW had been in touch with a mutual friend of ours which gave me comfort. Our mutual friend had told me that she was constantly messaging and calling her partner and that is perhaps why her phone bill was so high, because I know for a fact that she hadn’t been in touch with any of her friends. As the time got closer to her birthday date I decided to message SW and ash when it was going to be and check on SW’s well being. I got a response saying;
“I have cancelled it and I really can’t message you because I have a 600 dollar phone bill.” – I assumed if I was needed SW would find other means of contact.

Last night I get a call from a friend who asked if I wanted to go out and I couldn’t be bothered leaving my home truth be told so they said they’d swing past and pick up some CD’s SW was in the car didn’t even come out and say hello, didn’t message me since the party cancellation now she was smiling and laughing with NOTHING on the wrist. I got mad, I dialled our mutual friend who said I should have torn into SW for putting that sense when is my old friend going to kill themselves, so I did. My message consisted general abuse about how cruel it was to do that to a person, put the guilt of them harming themselves when you know you could have tried to be a better friend, (even though it was basically a one ended deal). I of course got a message back saying that SW had tried many times to contact me at home and say hello to my parents when they saw SW at work. Well SW I have something to tell you, your lies are so busted!

Anyone who has ever called my home knows that the phone hardly ever goes unanswered and if it does go unanswered my mobile is almost always on I don’t remember the last time I turned the thing off. SW my parents have been to your place of work in about five months because a chain of the place you work in has opened in a new location almost literally around the corner of my home…the term I am looking for is LIAR!

My final message to SW was this;
“You can say whatever you want but I know what the truth is and the next time you think you need to talk call the 600dollar person” -I was pretty pleased with that, the thing that sucks is that if anything ever happened to SW it would send me into eternal guilt, but I tried to do the right thing and got jerked around and I have had my fill of jerks.