Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The anal and unobtainable obsession

Like most of the ladies I wonder why the males of today have the curiosity and the urge to try and attempt anal penetration or sex and last night I came up with two things that made me think of why males would want to this, the first I realised when I was out and about on the dance floor (on Saturday), it’s the easiest way for a guy to come up to you and dance with you if your with your friends, the behind approach gets close enough for a little bump and grind while a gal can still shake her stuff and drive the man nuts. The second thing I got to thinking about is how anal is something most of the ladies wont do and we all want what we cant have so the ass becomes unobtainable and to actually get it is like a big thing, and all this thought of anal sex got me thinking about the other things we want but cant have. When I say wanting things we can’t have I don’t just mean sexually either I think of it as everything that we have wanted that we cannot obtain, for example that special someone who blows your mind and you’d give anything to be with them but they are just out of reach. With this line of thinking it also made me think about getting the things you crave and desire and once you have them is it really what you wanted? My older sister for example was in love with our neighbour’s son (Hesh-Ham hahaha Mia) and she had wanted him since the dawning of time and one day she finally got him and she had never been more disappointed but thing was she didn’t build the thing up in her mind, she just admired him from afar until she got some confidence and then got him. So is it because we are afraid of our expectations and what out come they may have that we do not truly pursue what we want? Or do we simply want these things because we can’t have them and if we could do we really want them? So Ladies and gents share the experience of the anal and or unobtainable obsessions.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Ham man

Ham man Current mood: weird Category: Blogging
So on Wednesday I went to go work with my dad and for those of you who don't know my dad works in a small good's factory so what he does is make snags and hams and what not kind of like a butcher…but not….anyway so I went to go work with dad and I packed snags and hams and what not (so many hams!) and I had done so the year before and the night before I had asked if there was anyone new at the factory and he had mentioned this guy Jeffery and dad had warned me that he was a "bum and a real dickhead", so I thought to myself okay I'll see for myself. So I got to the factory with dad (5:30 with a 4:45 wake up call, I wanted to kill someone!) and I saw a few of the people from last year and then there was this new guy, who I automatically assumed to be Jeffery but I had seen him the previous year and then he was only a truck driver and now he was working in the factory and last year he hadn't looked to good (this is what drought does to you, men who prepare ham's become attractive), he is a little older then me but that didn't bother me. So the entire day he and I were playing the 'no I'm not looking at you, just the spot just behind you game' which was pretty silly because the only thing to look at was more ham. Come lunchtime Jeffery had left to do a delivery and dad was telling me how much he just didn't like the guy but then after lunch I was working with him and I thought okay enough with playing the 'no I'm not checking you out' and just talk to him, so we got to talking and he was actually really nice bloke, I think dad just assumed he was rough around the edges because he is covered in tatt's and also because he was so young and working in a dead end job, but I found out that it was only to make some cash to go back home, and he wasn't my 'type' at all. After the talking and packing of hams together I decided that if I had ever taken a guy like him home dad would disown me and have my head on a stick out the front of the house to warn my other two sisters not to do the same, but I couldn't help but be totally attracted to him and my dad hating him made him all the more attractive. So I want to know how many people have been attracted to someone who is totally not your type and if you took them home your parents would think you were on drugs?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Its not you.....wait no, it is you!

Do you know why so many people are single honestly, because they are not attractive or because they are overweight or because no matter how many times you hear 'looks are just a bonus'', it’s all a bunch of crap! You know why you see so many pretty girls with not so attractive guys cause women are less judgemental and we know (more so) what it is like to be judged on appearance alone. If you truly have a good sense of humour love to have fun and live life it is not enough for the larger majority of people you would like to date and as harsh and how fucked up this sounds its true, you know its true when you have been knocked back my a balding twenty two year old virgin (earlier this year) and someone who is older then you, is lonely and is shy as all hell. You know what really ticks me off though? Is that physical appearance can be altered, you can lose the weight you can get surgery all that stuff if you really want to, but you cannot change the way a person thinks and you know what makes me even angrier is that the people who are bastards who cant see past a physical exterior are the ones who end up with some one...I DONT FUCKING GET IT! So all the unattractive/overweight people who do decide to do something about their appearance and when you look great and you meet them think to yourself, would this person would have liked me before all the work? I'm not totally irrational I know that there always has to be some sort of physical attraction and that’s fine, but how shallow would you have to be to just look around and not say that person is cute or has a nice feature of some sort. I am a judgemental person but I will always give everyone a go because you can NEVER judge a book by its cover.
P.S. see fatty told you I was right

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Giacch on the window

After a couple of months of dryness and more drought and water restrictions to come it finally rained, not for long and not hard but it rains, enough to let things be washed clean and to let mother nature hold on for a little while longer. For me the rain today brings…promise of something I can’t put my finger on what but I know there is something brewing. This drought has got me thinking of two things, the first being what will happen in the future when I water is almost gone and two the elections coming up. I’d like to address the second thing first, yes we have a drought and yes elections are coming up instead of the idiots that are running for places in power what are they going to do about the current drought situation, ask them that and lets see the plans for it then we can talk about who I’m going to vote for. Now the first thing second, today we have water, but what about tomorrow I’m all for living in the moment but you have to sometimes take into consideration what’s going to happen in the future, what if there is no water for the kiddies of tomorrow? With all the technological advances and knowledge we have today surely people will stop having 20 minute showers and start preserving what we have left so that people don’t have to suffer. Every time you turn on the tv you will undoubtedly see a commercial for a third world child who has no matter, is that what we want for the generations to come? So I beg you to be part of the solution and not part of the problem so save some water. For those of you wondering what on earth is she on about when I say giacch on the window its my little Italian abbreviation for giacchio which is ice, anyone who has ever seen me at macca’s chomping on the ice from my coke knows what I’m on about.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A good kick in the rear

One of the things that I cannot stand is people who constantly whine and bitch how crappy, their perfectly fine, lives are, it annoys me to the point of me cracking the shits and telling people where to go. Having said that, I am always one for being the shoulder to cry on, helping people when they are down, but if you try to sit there are tell me that your life is crappy and there is nothing you can do to benefit it if you haven’t even tried time and time again I will undoubtedly get upset with you and tell you where to go. Sometimes what people need is a good kick in the rear, not a literal one of course, but a firm talking to that lets them know that they are the only ones who can truly change their lives and it is better to go out and so something about it then dwell and let life and all its overwhelming possibilities get to you. People should always allow time to have their rant on how bad things are and have their time to get over it but at the same time people need to know when enough is enough and to get back into the game of life because the world waits for no man. Sometimes being the person giving the kick in the rear sucks because it can go either way, a person can pick themselves up and try and do things to make them happy, or they can look at you like an insensitive monster who just wants them to shut up rather then you trying to help them, so you got to be careful on how you approach it. If you know of someone who is whining be sure to be the kick in the rear, no one likes to hear people whine and not do anything so instead of burdening someone else by you saying to them ‘I know someone who just doesn’t shut up about their problems’, take some action and for goodness sake give the people who need it a good kick in the rear

Saturday, November 04, 2006

My life changing year

One of the most significant and memorable years of my life (so far) was when I turned fifteen, everything changed for me things happened that I think should have happened in my later years but then again I wouldn’t be who I am today without those experiences. The things that I will talk about are not extraordinary things, but they are events that change you no matter when they happen to you or how, I realised how much being fifteen changed me when I did a little reflection on my diaries from the past, here are some of the things that happened to me:

· My older sister started getting rebellious towards my parents and started getting into trouble and would set the standard of what about happen to me if I did the same thing
· Friends started going from first base with guys to sneaking home, and we were noticing boys a hell of a lot more then before
· Befriended an older guy who seemed so worldly and wise at the time, Red Knob Chicken legs (aka Tony)
· The year I had gone from being a ‘maria’ to a ‘punk’ and was in love with Craig Nichol from The Vines and Foo Fighters rocked my world (fooey’s still do)
· I met one of my best friends (even to this day) and then for the first time I fell in love with him (Marroune, F. S)
· Got my heart broken for the first time, from boyfriend who turned out to be a ‘psycho’ aka Sebastian (Mia and Mon know who I’m talking about)
· Everyone, including me, had a crush on (at some point) the same guy and there was a huge scandal and love triangle when looking on it now was so ridiculously insane (Hi Dave, lol)
· I had made the decision of what I wanted my first (and last) tattoo to be and what it would represent and it was because of this particular year in y life that I am happy I chose what I did (it makes sense YAY!)
· I started going against my parents and doing things behind their backs, wagging school, lying and what not
· Genuinely wanted to die for the first time in my life, (was warned by psycho ex not to die a virgin) saw a psychologist who was a complete idiot and decided to become one myself so people wouldn’t have to suffer idiots like that guy (having a degree doesn’t mean you a degree in people skills)
· Got my first actual job working at Bi-Lo which meant forced people skills which made me come out of my social shell, now look at me, no good came from Bi-Lo except that and meeting Kara
· Learned verbally and physically what giving a hand and head job entailed (don’t judge people)
· Had first truly significant death in the family, it was really tough on me because she was a wonderful person RIP Zia Fiorina
· Had first ‘proper’ type relationship with a guy, learnt that sometimes if you really like a guy who will treat you right you have to go all the way to Geelong, got my first love letter (still got it), brought him home to meet the folks for the first time
· Was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) my parents never questioned me being in pain for no reason ever again
· Lost my virginity and found that sex was not overrated if anything it was underrated

See a lot of things happened and all in 365 days from birthday to birthday it’s scary, but its a little time line of when I was fifteen. I want to know now what years were significant for everyone else and if you like why.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What if you're wrong?

Ever since we studied the film Gattaca in high school I have always used the phrase "If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.", and I have always tried to do so, you know not be discouraged or have a sense of failure and get back up on my horse until I get what I want. Two days ago I got a cold hard slap in the face from reality a slap so strong it make me think about the other half of things, like what if everyone is wrong when they say 'don’t worry things will get better", well what happens if things don’t get better, what happens if they get worse? To every upside there is a down, there has to be or else there is no balance in the world, so what if things are not meant to get better? I thought about this with my parents in mind, my mums life ambitions was to, 1 become typist 2 find a nice man to marry 3 have children and my dads was 1 escape crazy family, 2 find nice girl to marry 3 have a family of his own 4 work until retirement and move to the beach with wife, and both of my parents did that, except of course dad who is waiting on 4 but still they did that, they lived their dreams but they got hell along the way and they both say to this day had they have known what they do now they would have done things differently, I honestly believe that my mum wouldn’t have married my dad and my dad would have never spoken to his family again had it not have been for mum. so what if all the people hanging in there for their dreams and fighting s hard to keep that relationship what if you’re all wrong, then what? What happens if everything you once believed blows up in your face and your certainties become uncertainties and the glass is half empty not half full? what if you end up like Wile E Coyote and no matter what schemes or measures you take in order to catch that damn Road Runner you fail every time, how long before you give up and move onto something else, sometimes you have to see things as negative and pessimistic in order to be realistic and this is just what I have done. What if you are wrong and I am right?