Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hospital system let down

Yesterday my little sister had a minor surgery performed on her and the procedure took place at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, she was asked to go in at 6:30 am and they did not take her into theatre until 10 am, the doctors estimated that surgery would take approximately 1.25 hours plus an additional half hour in the recovery room, so by 12 everything should be fine. 1 pm rolled around and still no word about if the opp was finished or if something had gone wrong, my parents enquired with a nurse to see what was happening, she couldn’t give her an answer, and my sister still wasn’t in the recovery room, so naturally my parents started to worry, at 1:30 still no word, again they enquired and again got no answers. At 1:45 they asked again, still nothing, mum wasn’t happy, so dad thought instead of sitting around they’d walk down to the recovery ward and try and get some answers directly, they walked around and waited and it wasn’t till 2:00 that she got out of the recovery room and mum and dad only knew this cause they saw her being wheeled into the rest room of the hospital. Not only did this happen but also my mum and dad weren’t allowed to stay with her for more then a few minutes even though Dani begged them to stick around, the nurse said no, visiting time wasn’t on till 6 pm. Mum wanted to check in on her after I had because it had been a few hours since she had seen her last and just wanted to see if everything went well surgery wise and if Dani needed anything, again the nurse kicked her out, mum was pissed! More time passed as we waited to see Dani again, and in the meantime mum asked all the nurses to see if the surgery had gone well and a few other questions, no one could give her answers, it seemed like no one had given a damn about informing the distressed loved ones of the people in the hospital. It wasn’t only us either; a man didn’t even get informed that his wife was okay after her surgery until 7 pm. Not only this but all patients that stayed over night were being kicked out by 7 am because the day surgery ward closed on the weekend at 9 am, patients cant even recover and they are already being kicked out the door. It honestly makes me sick how disgraceful this is, I know that other people have it worse, I know, and I know that it gets worse the further out you are in the country, but it shouldn’t happen anywhere at all, family members should be informed and someone should have been at least able to check on Dani considering that she is technically still a minor. Anyone else have any complaints about the public hospital system, because I know I do.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Adoring every moment

There are some things that are beautiful.
Certain emotions are truly beautiful.
Beautiful emotions should cherished.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Trade places Mr. Howard

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I got really angry when I was reading this: “The government is ramping up efforts to get Australians out of Lebanon, with plans to ship up to 6,500 to safety by Sunday following a barrage of criticism over rescue efforts.”, not only that but I slowly became enraged when I heard this: "It could be the largest movement of Australians overseas ever in our history, and I think the Department of Foreign Affairs has done a remarkable job in very difficult circumstances.” – PM John Howard. Now like I said I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I’d like to put Mr. Howard in the situation of those unfortunate innocent people who are in Lebanon at the moment and see how much faster the evacuation process gets. I’m not totally unreasonable I know it may be difficult but I’d also like to be sure that ALL measures are being taken to get people home safely.
This is not the case for everyone though; thousands of innocent Lebanese people are in danger, their homes and their lives are in constant threat and for what? Is the loss of so many people, homes, lives important enough to sacrifice over an issue that cannot be agreed on? Why aren’t the leaders of these two countries sitting down right now and discussing what should be done in order to spare the people? It honestly makes me sick, war accomplishes nothing but heart ache and for those who start it and continue with it, it proves that they are lower then animals to do something so horrific not to the people who have ‘wronged’ them but to the thousands of innocents who are massacred in the process.

Your thoughts?

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The song knows how I feel

Come back to bed by John Mayer

Still is the life,
Of your room when you're not inside
And all of your things
Tell the sweetest storey line.
Your tears on these sheets
And your footsteps down the hall
Tell me what I did
I cant find where the moment went wrong at all
You can be mad in the morning
I take back what I said
Just dont leave me alone here
It's cold, baby
Come back to bed
What will this fix?
You know you're not a qucik forgive
And I wont sleep through this
I survive on the breath you are finished with
You can be mad in the morning
I take back what I said
Just dont leave me alone here
It's cold, baby
Come back to bed
You can be mad in the morning
Or the Afternoon instead
But dont leave me
98 and 6 degrees of seperation from you, baby
Come back to bed
Dont hold your love over my head

* You ever feel that some song just depict your emotions almost to well I'm having one of those moment and it's driving me insane. I'm sorry baby please forgive me

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My recipe for traditional insanity

r First you get a nonno with the knowledge of perfect sausage and salami making, add a crazy nonna who swears like mad but has a few tricks up her sleaves. You also add a quiet uncle, a crazy Francis (my dad), a photo opp mad me, to a cold garage, take the whole day to let this mixture simmer and by the end you should have a whole pile of sausage and salami (home made style) and that knowledge that 30g s/k m=good…or for those of you who don’t speak Francis; 30 grams of salt per every kilo of meat equals goodness to last a long while. All of that is a yearly tradition for my Italian family and it is seriously the best of fun. It’s one of those things I cherished growing up, as a kid the 5am wake up was great, I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to help out and be with my family. To this day I still love it, this tradition will live on after my nonni pass away because I will always remember what I was taught, the good time I had and my nonna’s nagging about how everyone didn’t eat enough, that’s what I call my recipe for traditional insanity.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Do all good things come to and end?

Recently certain events have happened in my life, which have made me question something that has plagued the minds of many people for years then there are to count. This question is, do all good things come to an end, and as I was pondering this thought I have to be honest with you ladies and gents it scared the living day light out of me. The reason why I ask this question is because fortunately enough for me something wonderful has entered my life which I almost lost, due to my own stupidity, it made me think is this the reason why people refuse to enter a relationship with a special someone, and is this the reason behind why we keep things that we cherish so close to ourselves or some place we know that they will be protected, because we fear that it must end? Unfortunately for me I am a bit of a pessimist and a realist and I know that life throws its unexpected little surprises at everyone and it throws us of and most of the time it ruins something that we consider to be ‘good’ in pur lives. My something wonderful is not only good but it is flawless, not perfect, but its slight imperfections are a part and parcel of it and they are so small it makes it worth dealing with to have this something wonderful, I don’t want to lose it, but will I? This thought truly stirs the fear within me, yet at the same time I think of all the pleasantries in my life which have remained and become more precious to me due to life’s little unexpected obstacles. So I put my question out to my readers and the world, do you believe that all good things come to an end?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It all makes sense

Ladies and gents, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine today on how I find men who believe it is perfectly fine for two women to be sexual with one another and not two men, to be absolutely irritating. Until this day I thought it to be pure ignorance and stupidity, then some light was shone upon my own misguided ignorance. It was it explained to me like this; 'men find it arousing for two women to kiss because we are attracted to females and because they are doing something sexual. Not because it is two women because we are attracted to women. We don't find males attractive and we do not find their sexual activity with one another as a turn on.' I almost kicked myself when I realized that I had never thought about the issue from this perspective, it all makes sense to me now. I realize that this is not the case for every male or female for that matter but it does explain why so many intelligent and open minded males do not find two males kissing appropriate. To all those people who I believed to be ignorant I apologize, for all others who are still ignorant, grow up.

Monday, July 03, 2006


This blog post is for my dear friend Cookie, who has made me one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received in my entire lifetime, no jokes. He is the coolest guy and very talented and although I have known him for five short days we have gotten along like a house on fire it feels like I've known him for five months. This is what he made me from all the information he has learnt about me in the past five days he managed to make me something that was spot on. Not only that but he has created his own Sinatra dedication site, its fantastic go check it out And thank you Cookie for giving me one of the sweetest gestures, the more I get to know you, the cooler you become!