Thursday, October 18, 2007

Black sheep of the 'family'

Former Eagles player lost his life,
Ben Cousins was behind it.
Leave him alone,
He’ll get his own
Eleven year olds will be just like him.

Ladies and gents this clever little diddy was thought up by yours truly to the tune of Little Bow Peep (which has made me very aware of how I spend the better part of my time).

Ladies and gents I am royally peeved about certain issues surrounding Ben Cousins, the first about how someone such as himself will be seen as being an addict and not just some cocky football player. The second is how people who bust their chops get nothing in return. These issues are interrelated because Mr Cousins is living proof that people who do the wrong thing suffer only slightly whilst people who do the right thing suffer far greater.

Ben Cousins is not a drug addict, you know how I? If you have ever watched a game of footy you’d know that it’s a competitive sport, not only that but how of those footballers would you say aren’t fit? A true addiction is defined, on, as;

devoted or given up to a practice or habit or to something psychologically or physically habit-forming (usually fol. by to): to be addicted to drugs.

-How could a footballer possibly be in a state where they are constantly messed up on drugs, they couldn’t! They couldn’t cause it would interfere with their training and performance, an addict can only go so long without a score of something no matter what it is, I should know I have seen it. All Mr Cousins is addicted to is recreational use of drugs, living the life of a celebrity. They would not have released him from rehab if he weren’t ‘cured’ from his addiction would they, this makes Ben good at two things, being a footballer and a good actor, perhaps they’ll give him a role on Home and Away since football doesn’t want him anymore.

Whilst Mr Cousins will continue to be treated as the ‘addict’ who just couldn’t help himself and not for the idiot he is, people with actual problem are being jerked around. For those of you who know nurses have gone on strike to get their wages raised and I say why the hell not? They are some of the hardest working people you will ever know, they save lives and break their backs, but what’s splashed on the front page of the paper instead of hard workers? BEN COUSINS!

Don’t worry, I have a way to fix it, the nurses should appeal to the AFL since they will have to be the ones to looks after Mr Cousins when he OD’s or tries to kill himself from the inevitable ‘depression’ he shall get from not being able to do what he loves anymore. If the AFL can pay to have Mr Cousins rehabilitated then a nurses measly 6% wage increase seems more then just to me.


At 4:42 am, October 19, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! what a legend! Ben Cousins is a cock head, your spot on babe

At 11:14 am, October 19, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy _was just browsing and saw this and totally agree, nurses should get the money increase but who the hell is Ben Cousins?

At 11:03 pm, October 20, 2007, Anonymous Wayne said...

agree. I remember hearing on the radio, not sure who said it but some singer :P said something about "you know theres something wrong with the world when entertainers get paid more than (umm i forget what he said but was something like nurses anyway :P)... but we're not gonna give it back :P" i knew he was right & have been rather annoyed about that for years but hes also right about the not giving it back part, we are human after all & many are easily corupted & once they have money & power dont like to give it up, not even to help others in need :{

Now I may sounds like a nerd here but i dont care :P i like the idea in Star Trek i think it is :P there is no money, i dont think :P i never liked the show just this one idea lol, everyone has a job to do for the benefit of all presumably doing what they do well & get to chose, point is no money, no one can be money hungry & use the power of money to do whatever they want cus everyone wants a piece of it :S

So yea if we didnt have money things could be alot different, for example entertainers would still be famous but not earning all the money needed in our hospitals & the like!! Wouldnt need money anyway everyone will just be able to do what they need to do without worrying about bugets & stuff :P Of course the people with all the money will never let that happen, they are too adicted to the power & can easily get anyone with any power to do much about it on their side :S the bastards...

& as for the drug charges & such, so what? leave the man alone, sure it might be bad him being an idol to people & being caught with drugs but if the damn media didnt tell everyone about it to make some money it wouldnt be a problem now would it?? ok ill stop ranting now :P

At 11:04 pm, October 20, 2007, Anonymous Bettina said...

I agree...and it's disgraceful how our entertainment world gets the most attention...4,000 children die per hour from starvation world wide...and what was on the front page of the Herald Sun the other week? "John Howard falls over" with a picture of it...I was deeply disgraced by that.

At 9:36 am, October 21, 2007, Anonymous Ty said...

He should be shot! Famous people are scum!
To far...?
Nice rant by way. Why aren't you a writer for some newspaper yet?

At 5:54 am, October 28, 2007, Blogger Manfred said...

He is a blight on whatever sport it is he's a blight on, and I am unanimous in that.

At 5:24 pm, November 06, 2007, Anonymous Timmy said...

i don't understand this =/ sounds good though =P


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