Thursday, March 30, 2006


These photo's were taken from someone else's blog but she has allowed me to post them on mine because I think that they are amazing and everyone should appreciate the beauty of the photos, for more click the link they really are amazing

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Size doesn't count

I was having a discussion with my friend Sam about the size of the male penis and how it does not matter what size it is and that the only reason why girls ask about size is because guys do it first:

Belinda says:
well guys make a big thing about knowing the bust size and some have lead to believe that size in the bust is important so to make you males feel insecure we ask the same thing but not about your bust about your penis. In reality most men are happy with breasts no matter the size and women are happy with the penis so long as the male has some skill and knowledge on how to put it to use

Thats my two cents on the topic anyways, let me know what you think

Friday, March 24, 2006

Outsider looking in

Have you ever wondered what the people outside looking in thing of you and your life? When all they see is laughter and good times and yourself being happy as long that they do not get to see the things that happen behind closed doors? When all we want is for someone on the outside to have a glimpse at our life so that they can truly relate to our issues and all the things we suffer under? We look at people and expect them to have a better life only because no one on the other side of the pane of glass. When do we stop being the outsiders looking in and become the viewers inside the closed doors?

Monday, March 20, 2006


Well ladies and gents it has finally come to that point where I have reached my hundredth post and let me tell you something it was so easy to get here, if you haven't realized by now I always have something to say and report. Don't worry there will be many many more posts to come after this one. Let me get a little serious for a moment though I am one of the lucky people though who has a right to freedom of speech and opinion and many people don't, I think we all take that for granted sometimes so I am grateful to be in this time, at this place being me. Freedom of expression is a wonderful gift, waste not, put your mind and opinions out into the world. vivir con meido's es como vivir a medias- a life lived in fear is a life half lived.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Well ladies and gents it finally happened I went to next and it was....fucking awesome! I don't remember when I have had such an awesome time like I did Thursday night/ Friday morning. The thing that made it for me though was that I was in the best company so thanks to: Mia, Lisa, Sam (Urchy), Kara and the people I ended up at maccas with in the morning (names listed plus) Daniel (fishy), David, Ana, Sophie....And random guy wearing a H.I.M t-shirt. Next is an 'alternative' club which has three levels metal room (lowest level), the balcony (hang area), and then on the same floor there was the punk room and then the retro room (viva la retro room!) drinks are reasonably priced there was only one bad thing about the whole night......The twirly narrow stairs!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Snake Bite Sonnet- Max Phillips

A lash of brightness catches you off guard
in childhood. It completes you. You change size
in dreams of smelly water, catch your eyes
impersonating something bright and hard
as sun and moon wear hot grooves in the sky
and you lurch toward conclusion. Here your strange,
illumined limbs betray you. You must change
unrestingly now. You, swollen and sly
must welcome turmoil as a central friend
who plies her fangs of difference through your heart.
And now you're anyone's to take apart.
And noe you're anyone's to find and mend.
You will not understand, but will endure,
snakebite, and never dreaming of a cure

Catholics In Boston Will Not Have Adoption Services

I came across a blog with an article that made me so mad I wrote the longest comment I think I ever had in response to some jerk check it out:

Chris said...
You write about the adoption matter as though it is a social service, rather than a family affair. What of the child who may prefer to have one parent of each sex? Try assuming that the church may have thought the matter through, having many years experience. Then see how it comes out.

Belinda said...
Chris how could you say that? I mean really the church is prehistoric and its believe and its belief systems are so old that there are very few people who can live by the way of the church and not be classified as 'sinners'. I for one believe that if person(s) whom can love and provide for a child and raise that child in a matter where they go on to lead a healthy life then who is to say that people who can physically produce their own child should not have a child that was not wanted in the first place? How many children in the world are abandoned by heterosexual couples and how many more are raised in a manner where that child turns out to have a poor life? Think about it if same sex couples or single people wish to adopt a child and raise it in a way that every child deserves to brought up in (healthy and happy) then why the hell not? bugger the church, would they rather see thousands of children suffer and die then have two loving people take care of it realistically? How can saving a child from years of heart ache from not having loving parents possibly be bad or a sin?By the way you have an excellent blog here keep up the good work. Feel free to come and visit my blog also

he makes an interesting point I have to admit but still grrr....For the full article check out the blog its self at:

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Parentals discovered the tattoo

Okay so went to the beach with the parentals and my dad discovered my tattoo, usually its concealed considering where it is on my body, anyway I was freaking out I thought he was going to kill me, he just looked at me and said how disappointed he was. He then went over to my mum and I thought for sure he was going to tell her and she would have massacred me especially because we have been arguing like all hell lately, but she didn't come over to me screaming so I thought perhaps he didn't tell her. Then mum came out of the water and she came over and was like "bee do you have a tattoo?" thinking that my dad was joking but I nodded....She just said let me see it, I showed her and then showed dad. She hesitated and then said "why do you do silly things for?" she then paused for a second after that and then she rips out "so does this mean some guy saw your punani?" she laughed and I laughed but then we were all fine about it. I lied to them a little though, they asked me when I got it and I said when I was 18 instead of 16...I think they took it better with the lie.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Heart or Head?

Most people in life get through it by using both their heart and head to deal with matters, the heart being our emotions, what we feel and the head being our logic, knowledge and facts. This is all very basic and it works when these two things cooperate with one another. But what happens when the heart says one thing and your head says the complete opposite? There are times when we should just stop using our heads and go with our hearts yet there is also times when we need to stop using our hearts and use our heads. What should we do when these occasions arise listen to the heart or the head? Does the heart conquer all or shall the mind prevail?

My friends who look similar to celebrities

This is my dear friend Bryce who just happens to look like Ben Lee

Mia and the Veronicas, isn't the resemblance striking?
Cuddy and the Hoff, they share the same first name and the same hair
This is my new freind Daryl and Mr T, little freaky huh?
Adam and Dave Grohl, inspiration by poster in my room

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

why dont we wear gumboots anymore?

This is a conversation I had with my friend James

James says: I like it to be cool
Belinda says: I like winter, I enjoy rain, I enjoy being caught in the rain and I wish I had a pair of yellow gum boots
James says: ahhh I remember gum boots
James says:why do we stop wearing them?
Belinda says:I don't know......

Why do we stop wearing gumboots? I for one love to take strolls in the rain and get caught in it, its soothing and it seems so childlike and innocent one of the few simple pleasures in why did I stop wearing gumboots? Perhaps it is because that it does not seem acceptable for an older person to be splashing around in rain water. or perhaps we have simply chosen to believe that this childlike behavior is to simple and innocent to be displayed and acted out in the 'adult' world. I can think of many reasons but I want to know why other think we stop wearing gumboots?

People in relationship's

When we find someone who we can stand and actually get along with we get excited you know what I am talking about. The excitement that comes when you really like someone and you believe that there is some form of future in it for you, this person brings out emotions that make you smile uncontrollably and make you want to be with this person ALL the time its great. However our paranoiac and uncertainties make us freak out and think the worst...What if they find someone better, what if this relationship is one sided in the emotional status...All these things that we ponder will actually destroy the relationship before it has time to become something wonderful. I think we must let go of our fears and just go with the flow, because if we spend our time freaking out we will never enjoy the relationship we have with that special someone. People should not be afraid to express their emotions and realize that it is a better thing to be honest about how you are feeling rather the keeping it all inside. Relationships are a great thing especially when its two wonderful people who genuinely like each other. Some of us are not so fortunate to end up with great people in great relationships...Some of us land ourselves in horrible situation where we have 'forbidden' love and love which is unacceptable. For all those lucky couples cherish what you have and don't kill the potential romance and fantastic relationship by stressing out....It may be the very thing that makes you lose that special someone.

So many fringes

Okay for those of you people who don't know what an emo is I'll give you a little description that mia and I defined it as:]

emo: an emotional punk that slits it wrists dyes its hair black and several unnatural colours and covers one side of its face with a fringe in order to gain attention

you can find emo's by going onto myspce and looking at the many many fringes!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I don't understand people who have faith

I applaud people with faith, I think it is a very hard thing first of all obtain and then maintain because I am a person of very little faith. I have minor faith in people, a tiny bit religiously but none when it comes to society as a whole. I want to know how people do it to have faith when there is so much shit going on all around the globe. How can anybody possibly have faith in people when so many people that are supposed to love, support and be there for us let us down time and time again. I am not totally pessimistic, I have reopened my heart and my willingness to give people another chance, only to have my trust destroyed once again. I just don't understand it, sometimes I look at people with faith and I shake my head thinking that they must be insane to have faith when there is so much let down, its not wise to develop unrealistic expectations with people and life and yet if we don't have faith and shut ourselves away from the world and all its "glory" then we have no chance in being surprised of the delivery of sup[rise and something to renew faith. Someone give me some light on this because right now I'm lingering in the dark.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Dance with you

sittin on the beach
the Island King of love
deep in Fijian seas
seep in some blissful dream
were the goddess finally sleeps
in the lap of her lover
subdued in all her rage
and I'm aglow with the taste
of the dreams driven out
and happily repacked with the presence of real love the only one that somes.

I wana dance with you
I see a world where people live and die with grace
the Kormic ocean dried up and leave no trace
I wanna dance with you
I see a sky full of stars that change our minds and lead us back to a world we would not face

the stillness in your eyes convince me
that I, i don't know a thing
and I been around the world
and I tasted all the wine
a half a billion times
came sickened to your shores

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I have crazy great friends, good being home from the sticks

mia looking at me as if she wants to smash my phone and cuddy's hair mmm...fuzzy

kara and jonny being crazy and themselves (love you guys)

mia, cuddy and peter sqishing in for a photo

kara picking jonathan up literally lol
yes that is cuddy and kara humping the tv lol

Living in the sticks

After having spent four days living in a trailer park I realize how lucky I am. I was living in the sticks, no movie theater in a twenty km radius and I has surrounded by hillbillys I was so expecting so guy called cletus or Billy bob to rock up at the door and try and offer me a beer. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against people who live in caravans, but I die have a thing agaisnt them when all they do is play country music when I have no computer or a home phone line (so grateful for my mobile) I will never be out there that long again. I missed my friends and civilization you think I am exaggerating don't you? Well let me tell you something there were no emo's, no muzza's and not even a shopping complex in a 20km radius....I got a little freaked out. Although all of this was for a good cause I will never g back to living in the sticks

Birthday's of two very special people

Happy birthday Dani, well your sixteen now, I remember what I was like when I was sixteen so I thought I would write you this little message. Danielle you are a wonderful compassionate brilliant girl and I couldn't be prouder to have you for a little sister, you fill my life with joy and love amongst many headaches but that's okay because your sweet. Remember if ever you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk about your boy problems I am always here for you. I hope you have an awesome birthday because you deserve it. Love always your big sister Belinda

Happy birthday Kara! lol now that your eighteen I can finally take you out hooray I hope you had a great birthday you deserve it especially because of all you have endured lately and don't forget you have many many wonderful friends who love you and who want to take you out! I'm looking forward to Friday its going to be an awesome party and yes there will be many drunk photo's. I'm so glad it's your birthday because it gives me an oppertunity to appreciate the day of your birth which is also the day one of my best friends was born. Love you doll