Tuesday, August 23, 2005

If you dont like the Australian laws, stay out of the country

Ladies and gents, an issue that came on A Current Affair tonight grabbed my attention, I'm not sure what the name of the issue was about, but basically it was Ray Martin asking Mr. Costello his views on whether or not we should make entry into the country tougher. This is because lately, more so then ever, there has been a stir wihtin our community about people from different countires not wanting to abide by our laws and yet live in Australia. I say RUBBISH. If you dont like the Australian laws then stay out of the country. Now I'm all for people practicing the religion of choice, but when ones relgion clashes with the law it is difficult, however this does not give people the right to say that the laws of our land are 'stupid' and 'incorrect' compared to those of their religion. IF a person cannot abide by the Australian laws, they should not be let into the country! We promote, freedome of speech and choice of religion, whereas other countires do not. When a person decides to start bad mouthing the legal system, as a whole, then why did they choose to come to this country in the first place? I can tell you why ladies and gentlemen, we have low poverty a good employment rate and Australian's are some of the most accepting multicultural people in the world. It infuriates me when people migrate to the country and then say that our laws are not good enough or do not suit them. I have heard from the horses mouth people whose parents are not of Australian origin say that the counrty that their parents were born in is far greater then ours. And if this is so ladies and gents why do these ungrateful people stay? If they are going to complain and not abide by the law, hand them their passports and ship them back where they came from.

Monday, August 22, 2005

some people are so stupid

ladies and gents i post a question to you all. When a person says a plain and flat out "No." do you think they mean yes? When that person keeps persisting with a question do they mean, "Yes keep annoying me until you get your way?" Because ladies and gents if they dont and no actually means no, then whay are some people so stupid and believe that it means YES! when you have to repeat yourself not once not twice but thrice you start getting a little annoyed, and people should learn that there is no hidden agenda when a person says plainly and simply; "NO!"

10 reasons to look forward to being 18!

Okay, so I'm 18 soon and I cant wait, but most people arent so excited and I cant help but think why? I'm one of those people who is not going to get my p's (I dont even have my l's due to a horrifying incident with a cow!) but still I remain excited and day counting. So I have decided to come up with a small list of why it is going to be glorious to finally be 18:

  1. Your of legal age to purchase booze and or smokes
  2. when people ask you for i.d.-you have it!
  3. you can get into all the concerts you never couold when you were underage
  4. your an adult you dont need consent for anything
  5. clubs/ pubs/ rages/ dance parties are now another option to do on the weekend
  6. you are no longer a child by physical age! HOORAH!
  7. You have no curfew (for those of you who did)
  8. you are expected to run amuck and do stupid things (drink yourself blind)
  9. no more having to go visit annoying relatives because you WILL have other plans!
  10. Now it is your duty to laugh at people for not being 18, like was done to you!

there you have it ladies and gents, 10 reasons as to why its good to be 18!

Is food better then sex?

Well ladies and gents the question, can food be better then sex? Well let me start off by saying NO! SEx is awesome, anyone who disagree's must be having either really regular sex or has a partner who doesnt know what they are doing! This conversation came on when some of my friends and I were discusing our weekend, and one of the lovely ladies was talking about some chocolate cafe that was so good it was better then sex. Don't get me wrong food can be very pleasurable, but there is no real comparison. Sex with the right person can be mind blowingly great (been there, there done that) anyone who has a good sexual partner and is not affraid to talk about sex with their partner knows what i am talking about. There is no shame or put down in telling someone what is pleasing and what is just so bad its like, "....ah hunny, thats doesnt go there." tips such as telling a person what you like and how you like it makes it more enjoyable. I have known a girl who is in a steady realtionship with a nice guy, and they have sex on a regular basis, and yet she still insists that doughnuts are better then sex. He cant be that bad! Even if he was there is no harm in taking control people, all it takes is a quick word of, "you relax and enjoy i'll do the work." In my opinion when it comes to the debate which is better, my answer is sex with a few things on the side