Thursday, December 28, 2006

Belated Season's Greetings

Season’s greetings ladies and gents I hope you are enjoyed or for those of you lucky people are still enjoying the holidays and that Santa was really kind to you this year because I know he was to me. For those of you who had a mediocre Christmas my advice to you is do what Sera and I did get drunk, we sure as hell did…twice! And if you cant think of it in any other way think of something you did for someone that made their Christmas, the gift of giving gives you the warm fuzzies at least.

Want to do some laughing, because I know you will laugh at what happened to me on Xmas eve so I shall share it with you. My sisters and I took our parents out to a nice place on the water for Xmas eve lunch as their present, anyway the girls had already given me their share of the money and I said I’d pay on my key card instead of carrying a lot of cash around. So we all had a great meal and you know my parents loved it because it was very family orientated and we were all happy and what not and it was also convenient because we were out of idea’s on what to get them for Christmas other wise. So the bill arrives and I go to take out my card to pay and you know what happens, it falls onto the decking and by some kind of mocking wind force (or the clumsiness of me) it tips on its side and goes into the ocean! Luckily for me mum and dad had money and Sera had money on them or else we would have been doing dishes on Christmas Eve! You can laugh its okay everyone else did and I did too eventually so it’s all good.

Also I wanted to share with you a little something that I really truly mean the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart and yes sometimes that means spending a little cash but it’s all worth it when you know that special person or people will cherish it. For me this year I think the most heartfelt gift I gave was the one I got my mum and dad on Boxing Day, I went shopping with mum for the sales (children, expecting mothers and slow moving old people should be left at home!) and mum and I went into Kmart and I thought to myself that while I was there I would get some photo’s printed and show mum the joys of wireless technology by sending the photos from my phone. So I printed lots of photo’s, as I do, and the one of her and dad came out really well from Xmas Eve, so I blew it up, made it black and white, printed it and bought a nice silver frame to go with it, mum and dad love it. It felt really good giving them that it was only something small but it meant a lot to them capturing a good moment for them to cherish, this is why you should all have a camera/phone. So next year when you’re stuck for present ideas the most thoughtful things are the best.

Well ladies and gents may your new year be grand, party hard but stay safe! And it is always a good time to start a fresh but keep in mind that every day is a new beginning if we wish it to be so, all new years resolution breakers know what I’m on about.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Say 'cheese!': memories of 22nd nov 06

Ladies and gents if you have ever browsed through my archives you’ll see that it is full of photos and good times to be recorded and it would appear that I have slowed down a little and this made me sad, not because I am getting older, but because I think I’m missing out on fun and good times, then I stumbled across some photos in my phone that made me beam with delight. It was my picnic and I shared it with some friends I haven’t seen in a while and even met someone new, which is good and the evening was splendid, a great 22nd of November if I do say so myself, take a look!

pretty sunset

(from left) Matt, Isi, Bert and Jay, (latter joined by Dani, Lauren and Sam)

Pier at dusk (I'm very proud of this photo actually)

For a while there I seriously thought I had no friends and I don’t mean ‘hey how you going’ type people I mean, people who I genuinely wanted to hang out and see, but the picnic made me realised how wrong I was! *grins like a spastic mofo* So if ever you feel things are slowing down, look back on memories or make some new ones, grab a friend or a few and just go hang out, its simple and fun and keeps you young

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Keeping your options open

Ladies and gents if ever you think finding a good person is not hard ask any single person who is genuinely wanting to be in a relationship how hard it is to find someone who they would class as a good catch, having said this the places in which to meet a person have become fewer over the years until there is there was the internet and telephone lines in which you could access more easily, so why are these two new methods still frowned upon? Why is it that a person can find someone when they were drunk at a bar, go home sleep with and then start a relationship over the initial physical attraction and that’s fine but getting to know someone via the net or phone is still not acceptable? The reasons I have been given were matters of trust, how do you know what your getting if you cant see a person and to that I say if two people are honest enough they will tell one another especially if they are being genuine, then the rebuttal comes along which goes something along the lines of ‘yes but in person you have to be honest about what you see’ and lets say for the record I totally disagree, ladies how many guys have said ‘it’s more then just sex babe’ but only calls and texts to let you know he is hard and horny and guys how many women have said ‘babe I swear he is just a friend’ and then you find her going at it in the bedroom? People only get to see what you want them to see, nothing more, so it’s all about honesty. So does it really matter how two people meet or spend their relationships so long as they are happy? How many more success net stories do you have to hear about before you can just say right I’m going to give it a go? So to all the couples out there who are having their long distance relationships or have met their partner or a good mate from the net or a phone service I hope that you stay happy. And for all those people who are still out at clubs and just waiting for the right person to come along next time your out on the dance floor look for the oldest people there who are regulars and tell me that there aren’t other ways to find someone?