Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mums are like ninjas

Have you ever been doing something quietly and you know concentrating and then have the the biggest fright when a mum (doesn't have to be yours, any mum will do) has just popped up out of nowhere and started talking to you? Mum's, I have decided, are like ninjas they move unseen and unheard unless they want to inform you of their presence. This has been a frequent ever since i started my new job, I am very fortunate to have a mum working with me and she does that she sits right behind me too so you think I'd be aware but no!

Right now i am sitting at my desk at work doing some over time (mmm....extra money) and thinking about what i want to do with the rest of my life and truth be told i have no idea. if you had asked me this last year or even the previous year i would have been able to tell you my entire life story down to where i wanted to live! well maybe not that much detail but you know pretty close.

What i do know, despite my uncertainty about the rest of my life, is that i want to travel and see the world...see the bigger picture dammit! the reason about this latest blog is that my little sister is in the final stages of her VCE, a terrible time for all of those who have ever experienced it. and she is seems so set on getting in the field of counseling or something of that line of work and the thing is i know it is not going to be easy. its hard work and all the people i know who are still attending uni are constantly struggling with it and more often then not tell me they hate it...except for three people i can think of off the top of my head (big hello's to jen, isi and bert!)

That's one of the horrible things about school, being pressured into picking something to if you don't know what to you want to do and decide to 'go with the flow' then you will inevitably fall off the face of the earth or become another poor individual waiting in center link (its an ugly path people for your own sakes steer clear). people who don't know what they want to do are forced to pick something and 95% of the time they hate it and for all of you who knew what you wanted to do I'd like you to take note of my friend Jess who was studying psychology and is now an apprentice florist and loves it more then she did school!

I'm here at my desk not entirely being thrilled with my job but i can say that if you don't get into what you want to or you think you have taken the wrong 'path', no matter how old you are, don't sweat it, there is ALWAYS time to learn new things and do something different, you don't have to be stuck in a job or a course that you hate