Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cheaters and cheating

Okay ladies and gents today I want to talk to you about cheating, the people who cheat and why they do so, now before you kick up a fuss you got to keep an open mind and read all the way and then let it rip.

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship I guarantee that you have cheated at least once and just because you have never physically done something about it doesn't mean you haven't spent your evening thinking about someone else and what they are doing, see there you go.

People shouldn't be so quick and harsh to judge a person who cheats you have got to find out why they would do so, if its just because they can then yes it makes them a horrible person and if they do have a reason it doesn't make it right but its not necessarily because their partner is not satisfying them physically and or emotionally. There are many reasons why a person would cheat and I'm going to discuss some of them with you now.

Rebound relationships, we all know what they are and sometimes we end a relationship and are afraid of being alone that we rush into another one not thinking clearly and realising we want to be with our old partner but don't want to hurt anyone in the process. You build up the courage to tell our current partner but when it comes down to it its got a lot to do with not having the heart to tell them, this is not crap by the way its hard to tell someone something that's going to hurt them. People who cheat aren't all scum bags, so you got to think about it that way.

Cheating in order to make people realise what's in front of them, in some relationships one person can sometimes get neglected and not feel the love their anymore so they decide to cheat and purposely get caught to make their partner realise what they have. Sure you could always talk about it but sometimes there are things you just can't talk about it, you can't talk your way into intimacy it's a physical thing. There is always the possibility of threatening to leave but who wants to leave someone your still in love with and you have poured your heart and soul into?

Insecurity, laugh now but you will get me in a minute, some people are scared of losing their partner because they don't feel that they are 'worthy' of them and in order to punish themselves and make it true they go and cheat. It sounds weird but it happens.

Finding the right person for you, just because your in a relationship doesn't mean your going to be with that person forever especially when you have been with someone so long and they change or you change and you meet an individual who totally blows your mind and you can't control yourself.

What I meant when I said you cannot control yourself doesn't come down to hormones in most cases it's the kiss or sleeping with someone that's the deal breaker, but if your in a relationship and you are thinking about and craving someone else and keeping it a secret then that's just as bad. Who wants to be in a relationship with someone who's head over heals with another person just because they never acted physically? Many people engage in open relationships to have meaningless sex with other people and some choose even to go to professionals to have emotion free sex, isn't that better then someone who's only using you as a piece of ass that you have spent actual time investing in a relationship with?

My point is cheating is not always black and white and if cheaters are sch scum then why do most people take them back? So try keep an open mind but if you get hurt you can be angry and do what you please. And people please don't think your partner can continually cheat and come up with excuses. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.