Friday, February 24, 2006

Good luck Tanya and Mark

Today is the wedding of my good family friend Tanya and her fiance Mark, they are a wonderful couple so may they have a long a fulfilling life together as husband and wife. I am so excited for the wedding it's going to be amazing, good luck guys and congratulations on the wedding and for finding each other, you are both amazing people and after all you have been through lately I hope your wedding and marriage is extra special.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place

People I know and love are getting hurt all around me and it sucks, one person is getting upset for the exclusion of the last few adventures, another because of a broken heart and two people out of guilt. These things are not a good combination and I am facing them all and trying to find a away to deal with them and believe you me its not easy. I don't know what to do....The last thing I ever want to do is hurt any of these people because they are all great but its not easy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It is one thing to exist and another to live

So I was talking with Lisa and I ripped out this quote that I have been using for a little while and I have only just realized how true it is. To exist is to be apart of this world be a alive in some shape or form but to actually live is another act totally different from existing. To live we must engaged in everyday life and not be afraid and not be misanthropic and treasure life because it is precious. We should try and not to fear hurt and rejection because there are many ways to come back from it. it is a far better thing to accept rejection and loss then to be afraid your entire life and wonder about if only's. We must seize our opportunities and go ahead into the world or else when we are old and wrinkled what will have to reflect on if we had only existed and not lived?

Day.....eight now

For the last eight days I have seen cuddy and for the past six days I have seen mia and lisa and you know what I am still not sick of them we go on these random adventures as we do and just hang out we are all equals and we have a great time I usually hasnt spend more then a couple of days with someone but now I realize that I couldn't because it wasn't the right kind of company. I am a very lucky person to have my three amigo's around

Sunday, February 19, 2006

She's' getting married and she's how old?

I have noticed that so many people are getting married engaged and even having kids at a really young age, its freaks me out. Its like kids having kids ...The blind leading the blind. My friend recently came back from over seas and the first thing I asked him was if he was engaged (he wasn't), but it freaked me out girls as young as me are going over-seas and getting married. Now we all know I am one for love but its just weird, I mean I think in order to get married and have kids you need life experience behind you and if you do fall in love at a young age what's wrong with being engaged for a few years? I don't even want a guy to ask me to marry him until I am at lest twenty-three, I think its to young other wise. And for someone your going to spend the rest of your life with you know there is no rush....I think people need to think about these life chaning decsions and that way divorce rates will go down, my two cents for that topic

dani the emo

For those of you who don't know who this is its Dani (my little sis) and no she's not emo but she had a dress up party and she went as an emo and she looked great all black and the whore red lipstick twas great, she even brought some black hair spray for the occasion I thought it was fantastic so im sharing it with you guys.

Poll: Should the government educate parents on how to raise their children?

So I was reading some of the news articles that ninemsn puts up, because that's where I get most of my news stories, and I saw this a poll and I was thinking to myself that it could be a good idea. Some people have no idea how to raise kids they think it comes naturally because their parents did it. Let me tell you something you have no idea, having children these days is something not to be taken lightly and you ask any parents who has adolescent children and they will tell you that. I see what my parents go through and how I am with them and I sometimes think man I am never going to have kids. If the government had a program to help parents it would be fantastic but I think it also depends on what they would be teaching. That's just my two cents what do you guys think?

Friday, February 17, 2006

drinking with friends

random drop in's are good and that's exactly what Kara and friends did to me today!
Kara my panda
crazy lovely stef
troy...The new interest of panda's
out drinking with good people at the vic on victoria street in brunswick got to have a good time having good drinks in great company like like and damo
michele, steve, lil nikki and half of lisa
adam, michele's friend but we befriended him too
lil nikki
steve. didnt get any decent picture of adrain, ash or cuddy but its all good the night was great and it was good just to hang out and spend time with mates.....and try and acquire a taste for beer.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


well ladies and gents another great day, so much for staying home and doing nothing! Well lets start from the top, cuddy got his p's (YAY), mia, cuddy, michele and myself went to the beach as you can was awesome. Rock climbing at the beach, everywhere we go I seem to notice that we always end up climbing rocks, and every time that happens I wear thongs, why don't I ever just wear shoes if I know we shall end up rock climbing? hehehelook at how cute mia is, but who goes into the water wearing havians really? It was good seeing her I haven't seen her in ages and was starting to get withdrawal symptoms. But I suppose that happens when you have such a close group of friends and you don't see one of them for a week it makes you sad. Now in this photo cuddy stole the glasses from me (that maria gave me...They are still on my head) see how much of a really really ridiculously god looking person they make him look like? lol no not really (sorry cuddy those glasses on you are just bad). We then got our buts out of the beach and into the city we stopped off at macca's where mia could have sworn the toilets where infested with something gross and evil and we ate the weirdest tasting macca's ever! But something good did come out of our trip to macca's mia got a giraffe and we christened him Archimedes (he's so cute). cuddy drove our buts home because he had tennis and the girls and I decided to head back to the beach but this time for swimming purposes. On our way to mia's we saw the funniest number plate, look its says ohfufi (funny stuff). Then the ladies and I took dani and head down to the beach again for a swim man was it cold! But it was a great day and I loved hanging out with my good friends sound like me

I remember the first conversation I ever had with my friend Dwayne I remember it because he sounded like me. Not to say he has a girlie voice or anything but just the way he spoke sounded like me and I figured out why. Well Dwayne was originally friends with my friend Isi and she and I went to school together and we spoke all the time so we would pick up each to hers phrases and so when I spoke to Dwayne he sounded like me through the rub off of Isi. Its weird but its true, next time your around friends or people you know well see how many of your phrases get thrown around, one of mine did madre, I know that's not my word or anything but I started saying madre cause I heard my sister saying it and then all my friends did chain reaction to the max, its funny as.

It just make me smile

You know when really good and exciting things happen to people you love you can help but share that happiness I had one of those moment's yesterday. It was so beautiful after so long this person finally got what they wanted and I couldn't be happier. I suppose that's how I get my true kicks when something nice happens to someone you care about it makes you happy just to see them happy.

My nonni don't have grass...But its still green

Ladies and gents most nonni (Italian grandparents) have some sort of grass patch, whether it be in the front yard or a little at the back, then there are my nonni who don't have any grass on their entire property. I know this sounds weird and I was thinking about it when I was there yesterday helping to make melanzane (preserved egg-plant, don't knock it before you try it!) but then I looked around the back yard and saw so many beautiful green plants I thought it compensated so here check it out.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Simpson freaks!

Ok we all know I'm a Simpson nut but I found two people that created a quiz so hard that I only got 100 out of 250 questions right. Developed by Aldan Skidd and Adam Rennie these are the people who created it. Check it out and tell me if you do better, I doubt it but you know

Monday, February 13, 2006

Funerals can be comforting

Okay I know the title of this post will make a reader think "she's on the crazy pills!" but really when you think about it a funeral is a comforting thing its a final goodbye to someone its a nice thing where people get to mourn and that person is honored in a way which their soul is prayed for and nice things get said and you get to see how many people a person touched or interacted with through out their life. The last funeral I went to was like this amazing experience because it showed me how many people cared about this one human life it was touching and personal and in its own way beautiful.

random outings

hahahah michele

hello kitty always reminds me of ash

awww lisa and jim

my three buddies (left) lisa, michele and cuddy

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Ladies and gents i was having a discussion about the good old cartoons that used to be on tv which i loved and then they took them away cartoons like:
* Fireman Sam
* Post man Pat
* Captin Planet
* Gummy bears
* Chip and Dale
* ALvin and the chipmunks
* Gumby
and there are so many more but then i got talking and i remembered one that i loved and it was widget the world watcher, many people dont know who he is ( i will never understand people who dont know who the swedish chef from the muppets is *cough* dave *cough*) so here he is the little purple dude i know and love widget!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Abbott defends abortion pill veto

Health Minister Tony Abbott says a nasty element suggesting religious bias is creeping into the debate on controversial abortion-inducing pill RU486.
The Catholic minister has rejected claims his opposition to the drug is dictated solely by his religious beliefs.

The abortion debate whether or not we should allow it to go on or not. I am going to finally publish my views on the issue. Mr. Abbott should not have a say in the issue about allowing the drug to be sold simply because he may have some biased to his religion. Politics and religion do not mix everyone knows that. When making a decsion as he will have to make someone must be unbiased and do it because it is the suitable thing to do for the people not because of personal perspective. I am one for abortion, before anyone gets huffy hear me out. How many thousands of children are homeless and abused everyday by parents who do not want them? You can only imagine the numbers. I know abortion means the termination of an innocent life but what kind of a life is one where you must go unloved and abused and left out in the streets to die? That is no life at all, it is a cruel and twisted way in which to torture someone. Many of these people and kids wish to be dead so why let them be born in the first place? I am not one of those extremist people I have morals to you know. But I am thinking about the greater good for these children and people who do not have success stories and do go through a living hell. Is it better that two people who have no money to provide for themselves bring a child into the world that they cannot care for? Should fifteen year olds bring a child into this world when they are still children themselves. I agree that people who have sex without protection with multiple partners are stupid however they know they risk they are running against themselves that is their own fault. What about victims of rape? What about people who did take the right precautions to avoid pregnancy, should they not be given a choice? Australia is a country of choice as opposed to many other countries around the world and I believe that it is up to the choice of the individual couple (or single) to decide what is right.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hens night

Well it was the hens night and man was it fun. Went and saw the strippers at mercury lounge (princes of the night) it was fantastic and ladies then men were very easy on the eyes. After the two hour performance was over the males came upstairs and took photo's Lisa didn't miss out yeah then our little group of ladies partied the night away we danced and drank and by the end of it all there was few of us that could stand but twas a great night minus the nut cases like this guy who jumped in the photo with Lisa and danielle

digital art