Saturday, April 05, 2008

RKCL and good times past

A very pleasant Sunday morning to you dear reader, as it is one of the nicest Sundays I can recall, it s slightly breezy in my room but the sun and clear skies look promising...a day for an adventure I think.

The purpose of this most recent post is to inform you that despite my age I don't feel as if I am yet and adult and that i haven't grown as so many people around me have. As an example; i was having brunch with a dear long time friend of mine on Friday and we were discussing a once mutual friend of ours, he and i lost contact somewhere along the road, she mentioned that this lovely individual was now working for a large and well paying business which was allowing him to move to England to live. She said when she saw him he was in a suit and they only spoke of things which we of a more mature manner and to this i could not believe. When two friends of mine, this is going back almost nine years, and i myself first spotted this lanky teenage boy we cheekily christened him Red Knob Chicken Legs simply because his hair was spiked and some awful kind of packet dye red and his legs were extremely thin and pasty. It was a surreal moment to know that the boy who will forever be referred to as Red (for short) had come such a long way in life and had well and truly progressed into a successful adult.

Having heard this storey over brunch it got me thinking about all the good times that i have had and how far have come from them. three years ago I was going out every week, rarely home, i would go and drink with mates hit the same club, see the same people and enjoyed every single moment. there was a comfort in knowing what was install for an evening and that i would almost be assured a good time.

Times how they have changed, i now have a full time job, which in itself is a large responsibility, in a few short months i will be twenty-one which will mean i can no longer call myself a teenager though i am most certain to let my hair down and act like one all the same. Things are just so extremely different from when i left high school and although i look forward to what is install for me in the future i feel a little sad leaving such a carefree life behind but am happy to report I have plenty of good time memories to reflect on and many more to make.