Friday, November 09, 2007

Sounds like...

A blogging friend of mine explained all that he’d experienced, of late, through song, it was awesome. So in attempt to be creative at work (not often that I get to do this) here is what is going through my mind in my head today......

Fire starter: Prodigy
The beautiful people: Marilyn Manson
Mad world: Gary Jules
Rehab: Amy Winehouse
I will not go quietly: The Whitlams
Don’t stop: Fleetwood Mac
Resolve: Foo Fighters
Busy having a good time: Grinspoon
Best Friend: Queen
Friday Night: The Darkness
Fly me to the moon: Frank Sinatra
These words are my own: Natasha Bedingfield
What’s your falva: Craig David
Sweaty: Muscles
No consolation prizes: Pheonix
Technologic: Daft Punk
What does your day sound like as a soundtrack I wonder?