Sunday, April 15, 2007

Im Grateful

Okay ladies and gents, its precisely 5am and I've just come home from a glorious day filled with, footy with friends, seeing my little sister after she was away from home for three days and then out partying with some wonderful ladies and you know what, I happy as a person could be and I am grateful.

You heard me, I am grateful for everything I have in life, wonderful family who at times drive me nuts and I yell with each and every one of them I adore, my fatties who mean more to me then any other people in this world who are like my family and I don't think I could live without. My fantastic friends and acquaintances, and although sometimes I don't keep in touch and I am lazy I cherish when we do hang out, even if it's a quick call or a full blown gossip session.

For the opportunity to live in a country where I am not restricted by rules and laws which are discriminating. To be able to speak my mind to the whole world (even if it's only bloggingly big), and to live in a society so rich with culture that it's regarded on an international scale.

I am grateful for all these things and more, this al came about when I though of how self obsessed people can become when we only look at the 'bad' things in life or the things we don't have. I am grateful because I have all this and more and very few people can say that they do.

So take a minute to be grateful of all the shit you do have because lets face it people life is to short.

Toodles and goodnight