Saturday, February 16, 2008

A rant of sorts

Tell me why it is I am faced with the same question each monday to friday morning, what to wear to wear what to wear? Why my alarm reminds me I have another painful day of leaving my brain at home to pick up the slack of a man with bad hair and a guy who told one of the most gorgeous looking women who had an unfortunate spray tan accident that she looked like a roast chicken? God I hate hate people

Why is it that the world celebrates and adores those with grand titles and no brains and those with are stuck in no brainer jobs doing the real work trying to do the right thing whilst putting up with idiots.

Being denied something that you so clearly deserve because it does not come as a convenience of some people who have been blessed with what I like to call princess syndrome. Then this person uses it to their advantage and you struggle to come to terms with it as they cruise on through life not ever knowing what a bad day actualy means. What is worse though is actually feeling SORRY for such an individul and hating yourself for saying such nasty things.

Celebrating something that you do not believe in only to out that it was better to hate it then embrace it because you were more disappointed then expected.

Bitch whine and moan about lifes problems when you have got support nto a text message away and dont seem to do anything about it.

Reassurance that there is good in life and good people so putting all these irrational thoughts out of your head and listening to some highly recommeneded cool tunes to frorget your trouble and reach your ultimate three plan goal...getting out.