Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Realising the goodness in family dysfunction

One of the things most people find a little scary is your first round and meeting someone’s family wether it be a partner or a friend you get a little nervous and curious as to what someone’s family is like considering that persons views/traditions/beliefs all that kind of jazz that helps to create and shape a persons personality and behaviour. For most people family is very important and so you want to be accpeted and sometimes when your not it can feel like a witch hunt!

Being on the other end and having someone meet your family can be just as painful I think. I know that when people meet my family everyone loves my dad and thinks he is crazy in a humorous way and I just shake my head at him for being a pain in the butt and my little sister, despite how lovely she really is, gives off the first impression of a freak, lets not even get started about my older sister who has the natural face of having a greasy or staring!

For most of the time it is a pleasant experience because most families, despite how much hype a person can say in fits of anger or being upset by family members, are generally pretty alright people. Meeting someone’s family also makes your realise that your own isn’t as demented and weird as you initially thought before you met other peoples families, and sometimes through other peoples dysfunctional family you see where they may get their kookiness from and it gives you that warm fuzziness inside cause its silly fun behaviour that clearly in the inherited.

Recently I was introduced to a family in an official manner for the first time and let me tell you scared as all hell because I wanted to make the best first impression I possibly could, let me tell you something that was one of the most disastrous experiences of my life! Everything that could have possibly gone wrong did! Second time around meeting this family was really lovely because everything went a lot smoother and I got to see them in neutral states, where they are most comfortable and I must say they are some of the nicest people I have ever met and made me feel so warm and welcomed it felt awesome.

So what I want to know is what you have found meeting families for the first time and how much or little it has impacted you.