Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Unfair" trial for Mokbel

Ladies and gents I was shocked and stunned when I heard that Tony Mokbel, fallen drug lord and wanted criminal, is protesting in his return to Australia under the belief that he will not be given a 'fair' trial, I say good! Mokbel, like so many others before him, knew what he was doing and is only speaking of things which are 'fair' because is freedom is on the line.

Would any member of a court or justice system seriously take this desperate mans plea into consideration? After the amount of re-offenders that have slipped through justices’ hands would Mokbel be exempt from sleeping in the bed that he has made?

If Mokbel is returned to Australia I believe that he should have the book thrown at him for all twenty and many unknown, offences. Why should he be spared? The charges against Mokbel are not ones to be taken lightly. They are serious criminal charges that are morally damaging and yet he may possibly be shown, undeserved, mercy.

Whilst on the subject, when will the 'justice' system be fixed? How many times do we have to read that a paedophile was giving only two years imprisonment, drink drivers are allowed back on the road and drug dealers seem to 'disappear' behind the millions of dollars that they earn and the millions of lives they potentially endanger. Have we changed our morals entirely that we see this kind of behaviour and do nothing due to cowardice?


At 7:17 am, July 27, 2007, Blogger Urkat said...

I think moral cowardice has a lot to do with our "do nothing" attitude toward crime.

At 4:12 pm, August 03, 2007, Anonymous Bettina said...

*Dances* Go Political Bee!

At 4:12 pm, August 03, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's pretty stupid, rich bastards always buy nice law breaks like this, bastards

At 4:13 pm, August 03, 2007, Anonymous Wayne said...

Agreed. The so called "justice" system is a load of crap, i know my father works in the courts... When my parents divorced he used all he knew to rip my mother off as much as he possibly could when she was the one keeping the kids & mortage & everything so she will be paying the bank back for the rest of her life while he is sitting pretty in his nice new huge house with his new wife >:| I've heard of this happening to old family friends & many other people too, one person knows/buys someone that knows how the laws work & uses it to give themselves the upper hand. Laws are meant to give us justice not reward those in the wrong & punish the poor innocents :{

ok ill shut up now :P point is i hate all to do with governent & law & courts etc :P including sewing for stupid reasons... this isnt america people!! :P

ok now ill really shut up... :}

At 4:13 pm, August 03, 2007, Anonymous Danielle said...

i so agree... damn druggies

At 11:42 pm, August 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Spice, but I have to say I think drug laws and (chronically failed) campaigns of enforcement are among the most wasteful and ultimately discriminatory practices in civilized society. In the states, at least, there is no doubt the these laws vastly disadvantage those of color and poverty, perpetuating a vicious cycle of abuse without hope of dealing with the underlying causes and consequents of drug use.


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