Monday, July 09, 2007

Friendship throw away

Have you ever had to do something truly embarrassing that wasn’t funny but shameful, the kind of thing that makes you wish you could burry your head in the sand? Well after what turned out to be a pleasant weekend after a little silliness on my behalf I had to do something truly terrible, a terrible phone call was made to be exact. There’s nothing like a phone asking someone if they know anything about illegal substance abuse coming from someone close to you. This was all done under force mind you, it was either comply or suffer what would be months of emotional torture and the constant reminder that I was protecting someone who was doing the wrong thing.

Post phone call I enquired why I had to do such a thing and it was revealed that the person who had previously abused the drug was responsible for accepting money in exchange for something that had been ‘just sitting there’ in a draw which was uncovered and thus phone calls were made.

The thing that really got to me was that the person responsible for selling the stuff and whose room had been cleaned and accidentally found the drug had a ‘near death’ experience prior to all this because of the very same thing that was found. Now let me say that this is an intelligent person whom has done great things with themselves however not intelligent enough to realise that when a person has an experience as they did to gather whatever was left and to flush it down the toilet. Its value was supposedly only fifty dollars, now this person earns a wage descent enough not to be so desperate enough to sell off something that may possibly kill someone but did it anyway and not to some stranger mind you but to a close friend.

Still none of these things is what really gets under my skin, it’s the fact that this person swore to me, someone they could confide in who has seen them through hard times who would have been willing to take a drug test for them in order to spear the people around them heartache and hardships, that they would never touch drugs again. The conditions were that if they did they would no longer have my friendship and as of yesterday they don’t. I was lied to to save me from disappointment…because you have been a saint all your life certain someone and this would have been the worst thing NOT!

Fortunately, for the person who this all happened to, the people involved have shown them mercy and have not made them give up their residency with them after learning that the person responsible has a two grand debt and 1200 belongs to your truly. I only gave this person money because they told me that due to certain expenses that they’d have a little financial struggle so I did it willingly I like to help people if I can. The individual then purchased some gadgets such as a tv/dvd/cd player and took a weekend long trip with friends and stayed in a nice hotel…what did they need the money for then? Rego apparently but wouldn’t you wait to be debt free and have put some money aside for something you knew was coming up?

Anyway that’s my rant about the crappiness of certain individuals and the extra stress that I really could have done without.


At 9:40 am, July 09, 2007, Blogger Urkat said...

Went through a similar experience with someone I cared about. I had to rat her out to her Dad cause she was pushing drugs on people and acting like they weren't dangerous and endangering herself. She really hated me for that but has gotten over it, I think. I explained it was only cause I cared what happened to her. I had to play a role I didn't want to play, but at my age, I'm willing to risk losing a friend to save them from their own stupidity.

At 2:53 pm, July 10, 2007, Anonymous Wayne said...

Cant say ive ever been through anything like that & im sorry that you had to :{ People suck, I know ive said that to you like a million times & i'll say it again!! People suck... there i said it again :P I hope that person finally learns something from all this & becomes a better person for it... im sorry that you had to go through all this :{ *hugs*

At 5:03 pm, July 10, 2007, Anonymous Rock Nerd said...


At 5:04 pm, July 10, 2007, Anonymous Bettina said...

Oh Bee, I send you cuddles. I hope your friend sorts things out, too.

Love from Bert

At 5:05 pm, July 10, 2007, Anonymous Michael said...

oh bugger.. sounds like a bit of a drama. if only everyone else had their head on like yours lol.. I forget youre only 19 lol you know so much about life and people lol! wise pants :)

At 11:37 am, September 01, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deary me. While it's sad that you have been taken advantage of financially, and that you felt it necessary to compromise your principles to avoid what you describe as months of emotional torture, I can't help but feel sorry for your ex-friend. It's a difficult thing to accept given the quantity of uninformed ideological anti-drug paranoia sloshing around at present, but many people manage to use illegal pharmaceutical compounds in a productive way, just as many people manage to use legal, government taxed drugs in a constructive fashion.

This may be hard for you to accept, and until you've had personal experience of people who are educated and emotionally and psychologically balanced enough to use legal and illegal consciousness altering substances without going through the trauma that generally results from having a lack of other truly and deeply fulfilling experiences and interests, there's little chance that you'll change your stance on drug use. However, the comments suggest you're only 19, which is quiet old from a more youthful perspective, and very young when considered from, say, a 60 year old's point of view, and there's time still fro you to give yourself a theoretical education on the topic.

Drugs, like cars, guns, fast food, and animals, can be dangerous. They can all also be educational and liberating things to have in your life, provided you've educated yourself properly, and you are aware of the true nature of your personality. Protected as we are these days from so many growing experiences because older people are worried that we might get hurt, it's harder than it has been in decades to get a balanced education about life, and what we are as people. Thus we lack a proper education about ourselves.

but before you be too hasty to judge your friend, perhaps you ought to ask them what they took, and ask them to explain to you why they felt the desire to do it, and why they acted on that desire. That they lied to you to save your opinion of them should be an indication that there's more going on than your apparently shallow analysis of the situation, as detailed in your blog post.

It was indeed a long time ago and I hope you've grown, and learned, and can still grow and learn about yourself, and your friend, through this little incident.


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